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Who makes the official Cub Scout hats?

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I have been doing research trying to find out who makes the official Cub Scout hats. What I want to do is make a custom pack hat but I would like to use the same kind of hats... If nobody knows, what is a good brand of youth ball cap that I could use.... thanks

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We got our pack hats from classb.com. We buy in bulk so as to get a good price, then the pack sells them to the scouts (and adults) for $5 (we take a bit of a loss on it). Not to be an advertisement for them, but we've been very happy with everything we've gotten from that organization. T-shirts, adult polo shirts, hats, and custom patches :)

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I know Troops have the option of designing and wearing their own caps, but I thought Packs had to wear the official BSA headgear?


If you check the Boy Scout and Cub Scout uniform inspection sheets, you'll see that Troops can vote on a cap, but Packs aren't given that option.


I'm not trying to be a uniform cop here, but I would like to understand on what basis Packs are designing and wearing their own caps.

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"I know Troops have the option of designing and wearing their own caps, but I thought Packs had to wear the official BSA headgear?"


Maybe so, but then, just what hat do Pack leaders (not Den Leaders) wear? The photos on Scoutstuff.org always show the Cub Scout leader (blue loops) as hatless, while chatting up or standing next to a Boy Scout leader (red loops) wearing the official red/green Scout hat. Well, there is the "Cub Scout Leaders Bush Hat, Price: $35.35", but its styling reminds me of the US Air Force Female Training instructor hats, so, no thank you! (Male USAF TI's wear dark blue "Smokey Bear" campaign hats, similar to their Army and Marine bretheren.)


The Adult inspection guide says that Den Leaders wear the same hat as their cubs, or they and other pack leaders may wear the "blue and gold Cub Scout hat". Well, I have been a Cub Scouter now for about three years and have NEVER seen a "Blue and Gold Cub Scout hat" except in old photos, and usually they are being worn by kids. I guess I could wear the red/green Scout cap, but that red front just screams Boy Scout program. Instead, I chose a custom cap that our council scout shop carries, dark blue with a small embroidered gold Scout fleur-des-lis on the front. Well, at least it is Blue and Gold!


I also have an Expedition Hat that I wear when in the field with the universal adult hat pin. Funny, it costs $35.49, but looks exactly like the Scout Stampede Hat by Stetson sold on Scoutstuff.org for 52 bucks! I mean, who are they trying to kid? Look at the two descriptions:


Scout Stampede Hat, by Stetson

Olive wool felt hat with a 3" brim and a leather chin strap. Crushable construction that lets you stuff the hat into your backpack or pocket, and the hat "pops" back into shape.

Price: $51.99


Boy Scout Expedition Hat

Ruggedly handsome wide-brim hat is designed to shield your neck, face, and eyes from sun, wind, and rain. Made of 100 percent wool felt, it's also waterproof and crushable, so you can roll it up, smash it down, and snap it back into shape.

Shown with Universal Emblem Hat Pin, sold separately.

Price: $35.49


Hmmm, wool felt, crushable, waterproof, leather strap, 3-inch/wide brim. They both look like "Indian Jones" Fedora-style hats from the 1940's, so who wants to pay an extra $16.50 for the Stetson name? And why did Scoutstuff suddenly start selling so many Stetson-brand unoffical hats? Who is getting rich? I hope all that money is going into programs for the boys (and girls) and not just salaries and perks for the Top Scouters! Sometimes I think Supply Division must have a former Oil Company CEO running it! Look at how long they got away with overpricing the red wool shirt-jac! And don't get me started on those $95 Campaign hats!

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