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Bemidji Woolen Mills Voyageurs Scout Jacket

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It appears to be the same design and comes with the BSA universal emblem. If you are wearing it as part of the uniform, then my opinion would be that it should be subject to the guidelines in the Insignia Guide.



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It is also sold by the BSA at Northern Tier. I agree that it is an official jac-shirt. And I love the way the slash pockets look. That's my biggest complaint about the more common version.


Oak Tree

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I bought one of these for my son, because Bemidji has better FIT than Supply Corporation (He's an Extra Long, and we know that Supply Corporation doesn't do long).


I was pleased to find out how much better then FINISH was over the stuff furnished by Woolrich and Supply Corporation. The red jacket of BSA is now 85-15 wool/nylon woolrich standard formula. The Bemidji jacket is 100%, and heavier!!, wool.


I unconditionally recommend Bemidji!

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Hi guys, I need help with jacket fitting for my dear hubby. He's about 6 feet tall and about 235 pounds with very broad shoulders/chest and upper arms. He's a firefighter and so his upper body strength is key to fitting this jacket. Normally, he'd wear an XL to an XXL shirt, but generally, they'd be a tad short.


If I were to order this jacket for him for his birthday, should it be XXL LONG or XXL regular in anyone's opinion that owns one? If anyone thatt owns one would be able to measure from the collar to tail and from under arm seam to under arm seam that would help if anyone is willing to do that for me.


I'd appreciate any help I can get.


Thanks in advance.


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