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Our Troop, like most Troops I think, are made up of Scouts who are athletes and those that are not. Our Scout program includes a lot of physical games. We also start playing softball in the spring time. This allows for the older Scouts (and athletes) to teach basic skills and rules of the game (we have the church's softball field nearby). Sportsmanship is a part of the program, as I find that our nonathletes learn to play the game and compete as well as the seasoned "all stars." My question is this; has anyone organized a tournament using the Varsity programs (in this case, softball). I'm interested in starting the planning phase of a District wide softball tournament for next year. We have approximately 45 Troops in our District, but am sure, at least in the beginning, that we would get 10 or so Troops involved. If it is clear that we will use the Varsity program as the guide for rules, has anyone taken one of these Varsity sports to a "tournament" type level?? And most importantly, what were the problems that came up, that I could possibly avoid from the start?

Thanks to all,,,,,


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