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Cubmaster headgear

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"The hat isn't in question!

It's the head and what program the head is in.

What's it they say:

If you want to get ahead get a hat, if you want to get a hat get a head?

Of course the Sea Scouts are the only program that really uses the head -But we aren't going there!!"



I asked the salesman in our local scout shop (a national one) and I made it very clear that I was a Den Leader for Cubs. He explained that the campaign hat was appropriate for any BSA Scouter since we represent Boy Scouts of America - even in a Cub Den. That's why we wear the Boy Scout uniforms and not some blue Cub Scout uniform in the Den (how this applies to women that were the yellow I'm not exactly sure).


I'm not sure how accurate this is on inspections, but it is a beautiful piece of logic.


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"I asked the salesman in our local scout shop (a national one) and I made it very clear that I was a Den Leader for Cubs. He explained that the campaign hat was appropriate for any BSA Scouter since we represent Boy Scouts of America -"

This is Easy!!

He was wrong!!


At the end of the day no one really cares what hat/cap the Cub Scouter's choose to wear.

No one is going to make a fuss.

No one is going to say a word.

But if you are going to the White House as a representative of Cub Scouter's you might want to make sure you have the right hat on. Sadly and I have no idea why the Campaign Hat is a Boy Scout hat.



A plumber?

No !!

As you may have read in the 1952 Uniform and Insignia Guide, the correct action for Scouter's with spinning heads is the wearing of a beanie cap with a propeller fixed to the top.

The propellers are color coded and the high tech beanies used by pros are powered by a nine volt battery. At one time there were a few that were made for SE's, they could play music, however the only song available was "I've got to get out of this place, if it's the last thing I ever do." (These rare caps have as yet never shown up on E-bay, but there is a chance an ad for them may appear on the top of the Scouter.com page)

The beanies seemed to upset several Lion Den, Den Mothers, in fact they were so upset that they all quit and Lions have never been seen since.

Rumor has it that Lions might be returning. Scout Stuff is field testing a Lion Beanie cap for use by both youth and adults.

As these new little Lions advance they will add dingle dangles from the propeller.

Of course any Little Lion that isn't up to par runs the risk of having the tips of his propeller clipped.

In keeping with leave no trace the clipping ceremony will be held indoors.

The field testing was going well until a local manager of a Scout Stuff store in Punxsutawney reported that several Lion Leaders were seen on Feb 1 2005 wearing beanie hats with a picture of a groundhog on. This was seen as a sever set back to the test.

A spokes person for the PUP (Punxsutawney Uniform Police) is said to have been so up set that he went back to bed and wasn't seen for six weeks.

"Do you think I need a plumber?"

No a salt shaker will work.




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"Sadly and I have no idea why the Campaign Hat is a Boy Scout hat."



Eamonn is this really true!? It's a great hat, just as useful as the expedition hat. And its such a great traditional hat. My complaint as I have said before, is the new ones are too hard and really only decorative/symbolic. The vintage ones from the 30's through the 40's were floppy, much more usefull and much more comfortable.



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I wonder how many others remember when Webelos meant:


Wolf, Bear, Lion, Scout!!!




I had the almost-beanie visor hat as a Cub in 1964-67. That's a part of the uniform that is gone :(





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Thanks, one and all, for the thoughtful replies.


I think I shall remain hatless for the time being.


Never cared much for the campaign hat.


There doesn't seem to be a blue and gold leaders hat anymore.


I wore a red beret when I was a Scout in the mid-'70s, when our troop ushered at University of Oklahoma football games. I'm as likely to wear that again as I am to put on my old bell-bottom jeans again.


Now I'll open a can of worms: How does one petition BSA to advocate changes to the uniform (leader hats, for example)? Or does one?




Tod Bryant

Oklahoma City

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Hi Tod, I wore the now no longer issued Blue and gold baseball cap when I was a Wolf and Bear den leader (1999-2002).


When the den I served became Webelos, I purchased a red and khaki(green) BSA cap and wore that while in uniform.


I no longer have the blue and gold cub cap or I would send it to you, but I dont think you'd do much harm by wearing the BSA ball cap if you choose to. The default uniform for all scouting programs adult leaders(except Venturing)is the tan and green uniform of which the red and khaki(green) cap is a part of.


The scouts in the W1 den asked me why I chose the Boy Scout cap and I told them, "we'll be in Boy Scouts in a couple of years, so I'll wear this as a reminder until we get there".


John in KC, is the beret really dead? Perhaps for you, but others who choose to wear it think it is quite alive, just seen in smaller numbers.

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First off i read what i typed and how you deciphered what it was is amazing. I apologise for my mispelling and poor grammer. Second I would not send anyone packing over a hat. Im not sure what i would do if a boy showed up with a campaign hat it has never happened to my knowledge. if they did they would probably be made aware of the fact that it is not approved headgear for the cub program. however only after they were made the junior cubmaster for the day. I too agree that some of our by-laws are a little weird I know it is not a big deal to me if anyone else wears this hat. so if it became an issue which i dont think it would i would motion for our by-laws to be changed. On a seperate note i would like to see a blue and gold visor cap the inspection sheet says is approved. and i would like to see the leader willing to wear it with olive drab and kackey. that would be funny. as far as the boys are concerned we do try to keep a uniformed look that why we approved the rank specific hat. occasionally we do have a boy show up with the incorrect hat and we remind them of the proper hat for next time. I dont know what some of my other den leaders do but i know that before a unifrom inspection for my den i give each boy an opportunity to fix one item on there unifrom before scoring. afterall what does it hurt?

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I started off wearing the Boy Scout Green and ret hat, becouse I did not have to buy 2 hats for each rank for my son and I. Last week I bought a blue and yellow had off E-bay for $1.00 + shipping. At Cub Camp yesterday, I had one leader ask me why I was wearing a Wolf hat if I was a Webeloe leader. I informed him that this was the older style leader hat. I may splerge one of these days and by the expedition hat, but till then I'll wear what I have.

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