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Oscar de la Renta blue "boonie" cap for Cub Scouts

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I recently purchased off e-Bay a blue "boonie" style hat. It has a medium (not broad or narrow) all-around brim and a narrow cloth (not webbing) hat band of matching material stitch at intervals all around. It matches the current Cub Scout blue uniform in color, but I can find no references to it in any literature. It is NOT the "Cub Scout Leaders Bush Hat" with the "Down Under styling" that is currently on Scoutstuff.org website. It does not have the standard "official BSA" tag, but has a tag that reads "Made by Oscar de la Renta for the Boys Scouts of America". Could this be a prototype that was distributed to a few select units or councils to try as a replacement for the older baseball cap, but was never widely distrubuted? Or was it a leader's hat (male or female?) that was later dropped? There is no insignia, so perhaps it was intended to be used with a hat pin, like the new Expedition Hat. The only thing that connects it with Cubs is the blue color and the BSA reference on the tag.


Does anyone have any info on this hat?



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