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New Activity Pants that zipoff and become shorts

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I just got a msg from my District Exec indicating that our scout store will be selling pants that zipoff into shorts soon.


"Due out later this year:

- New activity pants that zip off and become shorts

- 8 styles of hats made by Stetson


The Scout Shop won Quality Shop and best overall sales in the country. Give a congratulations next time you are in the store.


Yours in Scouting,

Richard F. Becker

Falls District Executive



Sounds like many peoples wishes have been answered.

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Now let's hope they're made of the right material and have pockets that can actually hold some of the gear you need to take with you outdoors.


I wonder if these are going to be "official uniform pants" or "activity uniform (aka not-field uniform) pants".

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"FWIW Cabela's has some great trou and shorts that are a 96% lookalike to the overly expensive BSA Supply Corporation Venturing trou/shorts. "


So does Bass Pro Shop.


But with Venturing they don't have to lookalike. So long as its the right color (charcoal grey) that's fine. IN VENTURING, we don't have to get National Supply's pants/shorts!!!





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WEll, for that matter...


One of the area Venturing crews is doing the RT flag opening Thursday.


The published uniform for the youth is "Green Venturing Shirt, blue jeans."


Their call!!! :) The Venturing specific NLE training told me so!!!

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"One of the area Venturing crews is doing the RT flag opening Thursday.

The published uniform for the youth is "Green Venturing Shirt, blue jeans."

Their call!!! The Venturing specific NLE training told me so!!! "


Sorry, but that's not corrent and Venturing Specific training doesn't say that. The green venturing shirt, per the venturing literature is to be worn with charcoal gray pants/shorts. (the source of pants/shorts need not be BSA Supply). Some misread the 'crew picks their uniform' to mean that it's anything goes. It isn't. If you wear the green shirt, you must following BSA insignia policies regarding insignai placement, plus you wear charcoal gray pants/shorts. Not jeans, not khaki, not BSA olive pants/shorts.


I don't waste my time hasseling crews for doing that, but I'm also not going to say its ok.


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I took a look at tooth of time and Cabela's. Nice looking COTTON shorts and convertibles. A good pair of hiking pants, in my opinion, should be made of something like nylon that will dry quickly.


Take a look at this link if you want an idea of the kind of pants I recommend.




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Remember that last year BSA came out with the activity shirt in a tan color. It is basically one of the vented nylon fishing shirts you can find thru most outdoor companies. IT IS NOT a Class A though. I don't know what material these activity pants will be, but they are activity and not Class A.


I do have a good buddy in scouting who bought a pair of Class A pants and took them to an alteration shop and had them converted into zip offs. He is the envy of many scouters.


I can vouch for the Cabelas pants. I have a pair of their 7 Pocket Hiker Shorts. There is also a pants version. Both come in a women's version as well. They are a 7 ounce cotton canvas. The "cargo" pocets are as small as the pockets on the scout pants. They come in 8 different colors.


My favorite Cabela's pants are their Trailhiker Pants. They are an 8 ounce cotton fabric with large bellows cargo pockets. They have double knees and wide belt loops. They come in five colors. They have a women's version as well. I am not sure if they have a shorts version. These are the pants I will recommend to our Venturing Crew that is getting started.


Neither style of pants comes in a zip off version. Both do come in a fleece or flannel lined version for cold weather. Both also have a seperate knife pocket. Both run around $29.95 for the pants, which is much cheaper than the flimsy scout pants.

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I was in my local scout shop yesterday and they had a demo version of these new "uniform" pants that convert to shorts via a zip off ring slightly above the knee. They were very nice, the price was #39.95 I believe and they were made of Suplex Nylon.


They come with a belt and allow for zip at the ankles as well so you can zip them off and on without taking off your hiking boots. Super Cool!


The clerk told me they were going to be OFFICIAL UNIFORM PANTS not activity. They will not replace the existing pant, just offer an alternative. I picked up a 8.5x11 page flyer on this new exciting product. Stop by yours and see if they have the same type of demo available. I would assume they would if mine did.


Let's just hope they finally got one right! FINALLY!!!

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I just called our shop (Atlanta Area Council) to see if they had any news on these new pants. They don't have them in yet - they expect them in August. The woman I spoke with said they "expect" these new pants to be considered official field uniform pants, but they won't know for sure until they arrive.


I'm with Monty - let's hope they finally got these right!!

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I stopped by our Scout Shop and saw the demo pair of these new pants - I am very impressed! Supplex nylon that is the same color of our official uniform pants. According to one of the higher-ups, the color has been the issue that has caused the delay in bringing these pants to market. Looks like they have that problem solved - these appear to be spot on! They are convinced these are going to be Official Uniform pants, and not just Activity pants.


They have a BSA tag in them, and even have ribbon-type pulls (with fleur-de-lis) on the zippers at the legs. The cargo and rear pockets secure with velcro. The cargo pockets are not as large as those found on BDUs, but appear larger and much more useful than the small pockets found on the front of current pants. They do come with a black belt and plastic snap buckle with BSA logo on front. The loops are large enough for the BSA leather belts. Instead of numbered waist sizes, they appear to come in S, M, L, XL, etc... with inseams of 30", 32", 34", etc... The waists are elastic. I suspect the kids pants will be sized appropriately.


I was very impressed with the overall quality of the pants. They appear to be of the same quality as I find with Columbia brand pants. I can see the Scout Shops selling a ton of these if they are dubbed Official Uniform. Price is estimated at $39.95, with anticipated arrival in August.


I think those Scouters who would never wear the Official pants will find these very appealing.

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Welcome to the 21st century BSA!

I've worn Supplex Nylon sailing shorts for the better part of 10 years. Wonderful material for outdoor conditions. At a price of $40, I'll buy two or three sets. Now I can finally be in "FULL FIELD" compliance. Oh darn, I'll probably have to pick up some of the dorky socks too won't I?

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