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Spoof Patches

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Yeah' date=' all things in moderation. I have a "one hour a week" temp patch I put on from time to time. All in fun...a Scout is Cheerful and all that.[/quote']


I've got one of those that I wear once in a while. I've had some others given to me as well (potty trained, etc) I don't wear those. Not that I have anything against them in particular it just isn't the message I want to send. Spoof patches are fine but I think adults need to consider their audience when they wear them, what would be appropriate at Wood Badge or a district event is different than what would be ok at a pack or troop event.

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I had an "Agitator" patch that I wore in place of the "Trained" patch on one of my 4 Uniform shirts. I was at National Camping School in 2006, and some other students asked me about it. I said "It represents a trail of suffering and tears that led me here, seeking affirmation." On the last morning, our class met at 0600 for a mandatory meeting. It was an affirmation ceremony! Imagine my surprise! I moved the Agitator patch to my patch vest, which is really the best place for spoof patches.
I NEED an 'Agitator' patch.
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Yes, Scouting should be fun at appropriate times, and serious at appropriate times. Even before being in the military, I always tried to wear my Scout uniform correctly as a youth, including the old knee socks with garters and flashes. Spoof patches are fun and maybe could be worn temporarily in the appropriate surroundings, but not long term.

To me it's an integrity issue. If you agree to the Scout Oath and Law, then you should be agreeing to wear the uniform of the organization correctly. A scout is trustworthy, loyal, ...obedient. If you don't care about wearing it correctly, then what other parts of the Scouting rules are you willing to regularly ignore?

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