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About No-Sew alternatives...

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I've seen a lot of advocacy for them here, but speaking as a patch collector one thing rather concerns me about it. While I can certainly understand people using velcro and the like for quick changes when wearing multiple hats, the applying of such to things like rank insignia and merit badges on the other hand seems a bit worrisome. I remember picking up a merit badge sash as part of a lot where the boy had sewn on about the first 11 merit badges, then used a double-sided sticky substance to stick on the rest, of which I located about 8, 3 of which were off the sash (and considering that it was from someone who made Eagle in the mid to late 70s, indicates that a few were missing altogether, as the requisite number at the time was 24). Additionally, said no-sew solution to the merit badge sash effectively destroyed the sash and discolored a number of the other patches in the lot as well. Other alternatives such as hot glue basically mean that the patch is going to be destroyed when it's removed from its present location. While I understand that most people don't like sewing patches all that much, if there's any interest at all in passing them on to posterity it would seem that sewing is the best way to go. Besides, I've yet to see a more effective way to keep patches attached than with a good sewing job, personally.

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How about actually encouraging each scout to sew on his own patches?


In November of last year, I became upset at the number of scouts that were wearing old rank and position patches. I asked the PLC if theyd like to address this and come up with a solution. Their solution was that no one was allowed on our next outing or allowed rank advancement without having their uniform updated with at least their current rank.


Well, it worked. Everyone showed up at the next outing with their current rank and position patches. One of our Star Scouts, however; had his patches stapled on! That night, he received a sewing lesson from one of our other ASMs and by the end of the weekend all of his stapled patches were neatly sewn in place.


Just my thoughts,



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Amen on the sewing thing, man! My mom sewed all of two merit badges on for me when I became a boy scout and that was it, even sewed my scout badge on myself. Think the only other time after Cub Scouts that someone did any sewing for me was when my aunt switched my patches to my new shirt when I hit first class for me. My scoutmaster was always of the view that now that the boy's in Boy Scouts he should be learning to be self-sufficient, and sewing was just another way of becoming such...hehehe...

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My issue is getting the cloth rank badges on the shirt at all. We always present the pin as "immediate recognition". THe cloth badge and card are saved for the COH. That's usually the last we see of the cloth badge, and the pin remains on the shirt wherever it was first pinned on....if it survives the yearly washing. My suspicion is that the shirt is balled up and thrown under the bed where it remains until the next meeting night.

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Glue On Patches . Thoughts as they occur to me...


An adult Leader leads by: Example: Properly attired. Correct Badges in place, uniform clean and worn without embarassment (even into the Mcdonalds on the trip). Do all the ASMs wear Scout uniform? Only the SM? How 'bout the CC? Anyone else?

Encouragement: Take the Scout aside and remind him kindly and without rancor of his badge placement and uniform usage. Is there a problem you can help with?

Guilt: Perhaps a SM minute could be used to ask about the pride of being a Scout. How to honor those that have trod the trail before us. What happens when we wear it "in public"?

Instruction: Unit Commissioner (used to be called Neighborhood Commissioner?) comes thru and gives a Uniform Inspection, with appropriate reward for the best Patrols (advance notice given, natch) and appropriate comment about good and poor appearance.


Hand Sewing: The practice of making the patches with the plastic back makes'em much harder to sew on. The needles don't go thru the plastic easily. The lack of uniform coloring makes it hard to find matching color thread. (MBs use to be rimmed all in green. Howmany different hues now?.)

The "Badge Magic" works for a while, but falls off all by itself eventually. Don't dry clean!!!

I would never use the "BM" on the wool leader jacket.


Teach your Scout to Sew... " BADGES? WE DON' NEED NO STEENKIN' BADGES!!"


" Teach.. your Scout to sew... your Daddy's patch... will never fall off...

and see ... him stick his thumb.. he's not so dumb... he'll beg

his motheeeer... and...

don't you stop to ask him why... he'll just look at her and cry..

til she gives in and sews it oooon and he'll tell her "Mooooooom, you

know I love you!! " ( apologies to CSN&Y)

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