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Poly/Wool Shirt Continued..

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I recently purchased the Poly/Wool BSA shirt. The reason I got one was that I thought it might be warmer and tougher than the poly/cotton. But it seems a little thin. I like it so far, quite different from the Poly/Cotton. It looks great pressed.


My question is for those of you who wear the Poly/Wool...


Do you wear it all year long?


Do you think its warmer and more useful in the winter?


Is it too hot in the summer to wear it? Or does it breath better than the Poly/Cotton?


And in general, which material shirts do all you folks wear and why?




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I didn't wear BSA's poly/wool shirt; I wore the US Army's. It was an optional shirt with our Class A and B (Army Green with and sans blouse respectively). Jerry Schleinig: Did you wear one when you had to wear Greens as a SGM?


One of my duty stations was Houston, Texas. My assignment required me to wear Greens as much as BDUs. I wore the shirt there, in the summer, with a white cotton T-shirt underneath. If you've been to Houston once in July, you know the true meaning of HOT.


I liked it as an all-day business shirt.


My thoughts. Hope they help.

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Hello Venture Scout,



Are you talking about the red wool shirt?



As a Thrifty scouter, I've resisted spending $100+ dollars for that article of clothing.


I wear my uniform to all our troop and district activities (except monthly district meeting where the agreement is not to wear uniforms). But I wear whatever outer clothing is needed and suitable to stay warm and dry. That fairly often means that the uniform is covered up.


My aim to to be a model for the uniform. Last night we had our PLC meeting and most of the adult were in uniform. The best way to promote wearing a uniform is to set a good example. That may not be enough, but it's a start.


I could easily afford to buy the red wool shirt, but I'm not especially interested in setting that example for adults in the troop. It's expensive and I just don't see a compelling need to do it.


Does anyone want to try and convince me I'm wrong on that point?




Seattle Pioneer

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This thread is about the poly/wool uniform shirt.


It is not about the red wool jac-shirt/jacket.


Yes, the cost of a red wool jac-shirt is high. Nobody is going to get upset if you aren't wearing one. I actually have a red rain jacket I wear when I need to.


An alternate to paying the high cost of the Scout Shop is get one off eBay. That's were I got mine. And a lot cheaper, too.


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Three types:

Polyester / Cotton (cheapest)

Polyester / Wool (most expensive)

Cotton (mid-range)


I own the polyester/cotton and cotton. I like the cotton much better. I do not have the poly/wool type. I wear the cotton all year but it is slightly "warmer". I get all short sleeve.



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The poly/wool shirt seems to hold a press better than the others. There is a slightly different color to it than the poly/cotton shirt. There are also poly/wool trousers available. These pants have a different shade of olive than the poly/cotton pants and they do not have cargo pockets. They look more like dress pants.


I have observed that youth and adults involved in the OA at the regional level usually wear uniform parts made of poly/wool.

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I could not buy off the rack, so I had to use "made to order", which has a two garment minimum, i.e. two shirts, two pants (long or short), but the choice of material did not matter. Sooooo.....I do not like poly/cotton shirts (they make me sweat) and I knew I would have to have either poly/wool or all cotton pressed or ironed, so I opted for the cotton for comfort. I ordered one long-sleeve for winter and one short-sleeve for summer.


I actually like poly/wool dress pants (have several suits that way), so I order a pair of long pants in poly/wool which (as noted by others) are "dressier" without the elastic and cargo pockets, or insignia brass snaps. In fact, I am wearing a pair now at work, Scout's Honor!


I ordered my second pair as poly/cotton shorts, figuring to use them for more active wear. In fact, I wore them on our last Pack family campout, very comfortable, and rugged, which means a lot to a big guy like me! Yes the "cargo pockets" are small but the main pockets are fairly deep and the back pockets snap closed, which I like. I plan to wear them to Webelos 6-day camp with my boy this summer. I actually got two pair of shorts, because the Supply division messed up the order, requiring re-measurement and sending them back twice. They sent back two "different" lengths in the "rise" which felt no different to me so they let me keep both.

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I have had the Poly-Wool shirt and pants for five years now and I an very happy with it. This is my "dress uniform" that I wear to courts of honor and other special occasions. I would never think of wearing it to an outdoor activity. When I ordered the pants, the woman at the local scout shop recommended ordering one waist size larger than normal as they ran small, and she was right. I have had the combo dry cleaned a few times and it still looks new. It is expensive, but I expect to wear it for many more years.

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