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What color shoulder patches?

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Wear the color shoulder loop that matches the Unit number and office you are in.

COR, while not always active in the unit, and a voting member of the District/Council, is still a part of the unit. If you participate as a member of the Pack.. wear blue and the numbers.


Velcro.. works.. but I choose to go simple...

Like everyone else, many hats are worn. I am a member of the district committee, a Scoutmaster, and on the Pack committee.. oh and Committee chair for our Venturing Crew.


I have three Shirts.. two with Scoutmaster insignia and all that goes with it.. and the other with Cub Scout insignia etc.

I wear my Scoutmaster shirts to everything except Pack events.

I don't own silver/grey loops.


As with most people in Scouting.. those that care and are hyper active in Scouting.. we wear the shirt that best represents our PRIMARY position in Scouting... Mine being Scoutmaster.


Just my 2.5 cents...

Keep it simple




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I have held many position in Scouts over the years, some at the same time.


I have a yellow blouse for Cubscouting (retired for a few years now, but it does get pulled out now and again if I'm asked to help out a new Pack)and a tan shirt for Boy Scouting and District functions.


While Cubmaster and Cub Scout Resident Camp Director, I always wore the yellow blouse. At the same time, I was also District Training Chair and Troop Committee member and wore the tan shirt for those functions.


I never bothered with the silver loops while District Trainer since I never wore the District Committee patch. Simply wore the tan shirt with red loops for my position as Troop Committee.


I guess it just didn't seem that important to me that everyone know by looking at my uniform that I was on the District Committee and not "just" a Troop Committee member.


There are many of us out there that serve in multiple positions within the different Scout programs. And, while I do agree that if you are wearing a District Committee, Commissioner, etc. patch on your sleeve you should wear the silver loops and no unit number, I don't think anyone would care very much if you wear whatever your primary responsibility is while performing some other function. (At least, I wouldn't bother me).

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