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Official Boy Scout Uniform

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Just a quick question we have a young man in our troop just made Eagle. He is having his Court Of Honor along with another young man.


This young man is insisting on wearing his kilt why we don't know but my husband advised him that this was not the official boy scout uniform unfortuntely this young man does not believe the scoutmaster.


I have searched all over the internet and have found some sites that indicate what the officeial is long pants, shirt, socks all that necessary items.


Just need some reassurance that this is correct and that a kilt is not the official boy scout uniform. We need to have something to show this boy.



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"We need to have something to show this boy."

You will never find something that says a kilt is not part of a Scout uniform.

You will never find something that says pink pedal pushers are not part of a Scout uniform.

Hows about you ask him to show YOU something?


But consider also that it is his court of honor and he is planning it. If he wants to wear pink pedal pushers, let him.

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Ed & FScouter, it is not his court of honor alone. The original post stated that another Scout is being honored too so I would make sure both Scouts are okay with the idea.


Second, regardless of what the handbooks show, just like adults do, the boy may choose to ignore it. That doesn't make it right, just an observance.


As a Scoutmaster, I would try the following tactic: "So Johnny, I hear you plan on wearing a kilt for your Eagle COH. I thought that is so cool that I'll wear one too. You don't have a problem with that do you? In fact, I'm going to have all of our SAs wear one also." My guess is that Johnny won't feel that is such a good idea. I'd ask him why not and then later ask him why he feels that having him wear one is a good idea. Maybe he'd have good reasons, maybe not. But, I would not make a giant issue out of it.

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Thanks acco. I missed that! Excellent point!


I still think the Scout should be allowed to wear his kilt if he wants & it's OK with the other Scout. My council holds an annual Eagle dinner to honor all the Eagles each year. The Eagles are requested to wear their uniform but aren't required. The only requirement is they are dressed appropriately. And I think if a Scout showed up at this dinner in a kilt that would be fine.


Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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No way is a kilt part of the Scout uniform.

If the Lad wants to wear his kilt thats fine as long as it isn't with a Scout uniform.

While it might be OK for Scouts in Scotland or other parts of the world where kilts are part of the Scout uniform, it isn't OK in the BSA.

While it is his COH, the uniform is the uniform of the BSA that uniform does not have pink pedal pushers, kilts or grass skirts. Sure he can wear what he likes but the official uniform is just that the official uniform. If he wants to have his Eagle Scout pin, pinned on he needs to be in full uniform. It is the only place to wear an Eagle Scout medal.


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First ,congratulations to both of Scouts on attaining the rank of Eagle.

The program /Court of Honor is being planned by the two scouts and their families, as it should be.

I have attended several Eagle ceremonys, some where the scout was not in the Official Boy Scout Uniform, two where the scouts where wearing United States Armed forces uniforms( one Navy, one Marine) One was a native american ,whom worn a traditional clothing of his tribe. Been to a few ,only the shirts ,( the history of the unit was that the shirt was required, and clean blue jeans), I have also been to a few that worn a kilt. In all of those ceremonies, it was the accomplishments of the scouts on becoming Eagles.


Has anyone asked why he wants to wear his kilt? What is the reason behind him having the kilt at this Court of Honor for his Eagle ceremony.


As per the Kilt be part of the Official uniform; there are some whom stated that as a WB the kilt is part of the uniform, Some units that has bands the uniform includes the kilt, thus part of the uniform.

What is the purpose of the uniform in the program ?



Where is the Senior Patrol Leader , and the scouts veiw point on this matter ? As FScouter stated "Hows about you ask him to show YOU something" let him present the reason why the kilt should be part of the program, ( if it is a boy run unit let him present his case to the Senior Patrol, and troop.


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Agreeing with Eamonn, perhaps my comment was not clear. If a boy wants to wear a kilt or pink pedal pushers or both at his COH, there may be an argument for letting him do so. But there is no justification at all for allowing him to mix those things with the uniform.


The uniform is described in the Boy Scout Handbook. Details about neckerchiefs, belts, insignia, etc. are found in the Insignia Guide. Sorry, but pink pedal pushers aren't part of a uniform, and neither is a kilt.

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I'm sorry I disagree. Well at least I think I do? Maybe if the Lad wasn't in a troop and was in a Venturering Crew and the Crew had kilts, or whatever he might be able to wear what ever the Crew uniform is.

However the Boy Scout Uniform is still the Boy Scout uniform. No kilts, no jeans just the Boy Scout uniform.

While some Wood Badge Staff at one time wore kilts it has never been the uniform of the BSA.


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Thanks for all the input, my husband who is the Scoutmaster appreiciates all your input.


The reason this young man wants to wear the kilt is because it looks and that's about it. So this was why we wanted to find out about the officail BSA uniform.


Plus this young man likes to be the center of attention at all functions.

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