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I need used pants to cut into shorts!

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I find myself in a perdicament here, and I hope there is someone out there that can direct me to some affordable help. I would like to own a pair of scout shorts. That's the basic need. I have three criteria that I am quite particular on that makes my quest a bit of a challenge. I am tall, I am female, I am cheap. (hey! I'm a scouter, threfore I'm on a budget!)


I need knee-length shorts,the BSA does not sell long enough shorts. (prefrer inseam 13")

I have hips, 42", and a waist, 36".

I dont want to pay $45 for new womens pants that need to be altered, but I am willing to work on a pair of men's pants (or women's) if I can find some used and worn that will 'give' to my female conture. :)

Our community does not favor "full uniform" as the standard, so I have not been able to find a uniform bank or thrift store with scout pants available. Once someone buys/inviests in a pair, because they are true Scouters, they hold onto them for dear life.


I am open for advise...



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No promises but you can check with the following. He also has the adult uniforms as I got one for a friend of mine through him.



Ora Sheffler at o_sheffler@yahoo.com

Size: from small to XXL

Condition: Good - Price: $various (Negotiable)


I sell used blue shirts with the USA flag, world crest, your pack and your den numbers for 10.00 plus postage (usually 2.00-3.00) I may have your council strip as well. I also have many rank, and other awards available. I can do sewing as well, for 1.00 per shirt. I'm not an expert, but I have assembled over 200 Scout uniform shirts for folks. For additional information, please see http://www.geocities.com/o_sheffler/experien.html Keep on Scoutin' ora

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Check resale shops in your area. I have been lucky in picking up pants and shorts for both myself and Kevin. Got him three pair of shorts in May for about $4.00 each. My last pants were $6.00,and they looked like they had never been worn.

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