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Insurance for Troop Property

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My troop has purchased a trailer to store and transport the troop's camping gear. Our charter organization holds title to the trailer, as it must. Our problem is that the charter organization doesn't have property insurance and a stand-alone policy is very expensive.


Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for group insurance that could reduce this premium?


Thanks for your ideas.



Mike Doyle

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I would think that the trailer would be covered under the normal property insurance policy that a chartered partner would have on its own property...eg. building, furnishings, etc. You might want to check. They may even be able to attach a rider to that property policy specifically for the trailer.


Liability and/or insurance for damage while being towed may very well fall under the automobile policy of the person towing it. Can't be sure though.


Best thing would be to talk directly to an insurance agent. Otherwise, contact you Council office for advice.


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I am neither an insurance guy nor an attorney. Are you concerned about insuring against loss while in use, or loss while parked in storage, or both? Is liability insurance an issue?


It would seem to me that liability coverage would be provided automatically by the owner of any vehicle towing the trailer. Likewise the property itself while under tow, is probably covered by the policy of the person doing the towing. Potential towers need to talk to their own insurance agents about this. Liability while in storage may seem to be a non issue, unless fuels or other dangerous items are stored in the trailer.


This leaves the question of property loss when it is not being towed, either at a camp site or in storage. Economical coverage ought to be available with a reasonable deductible from some kind of general agent. This the troop itself is probably not a legal entity, it is not obvious to me how the troop could actually buy insurance in its own name. You need to talk to both a lawyer and an insurance specialist, and your council.

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jmcquillan and Eisely:

We have got liability coverage when the trailer's in tow, as well as coverage against fire and theft.


The basic problem is insurance against fire or theft when the trailer is sitting. Our charter organization owns no property, so they don't have a policy to which we can add a rider.


Since the Troop can't hold the policy, as Eisely pointed out, we went to several agents and were quoted $250 - $300 which would provide basic coverage (don't know the deductible - I didn't do the research). I thought maybe someone had had a similar dilemma and knew of an organization through which our charter organization could get a cheaper group rate.


Thanks to both of you for your responses.


Mike D.

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