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Calculating Scout Service

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I've been back at scouting for a couple of years now, this time w/a cub scout pack.

BUT, I've spent several years on the council-level as a board member in two different districts.

AND I was a boy scout for several years.

QUESTION: Should I calculate my total years of service; only the most recent two to eight years, though there's an interruption or only the last two years since there have been three interruptions?

I'd like to accurately reflect my service on my scouter uniform, and I'd like to use it to encourage my son, a Webelos.

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Put all your years on. You have two options on the stars. For example you if were a Cub for three years, a Boy Scouts for 5 years and an Explorer (old style) for 3 years, and then your total registered service as an adult has been 6 years. You may wear a two stars of 10 and 7 with a blue backing or 3 year star with Yellow backing (Cubs), 5 year star with a green backing (Boy Scouts), 3 year star with red backing (Explorers) and finally a 6 year star with blue backing (adult). The second is the way I wear my stars, though if you have more than 10 years service as an adult you have to have two blue backed stars. The total of the stars should not exceed your total time registered, this may happen if you were an Explorer while you were registered as a Assistant Scoutmaster when you were under 21.

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That helps, but I want to be clear, so here's some more info:

Cub Scout: none

Boy Scout: probably 5/6 years


Adult: 4/5 years w/one council board


Adult: 4/5 years w/2d council board


Adult: cub scout leader,council trainer, 2


So, w/that info, what do you think?

It's not exact, but I'm in the process of confirming the exact time because I want to be sure to be "legal."

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