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Well, I finally did it . . .

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I bought the last thing needed for me to be in "complete" uniform. I had been using a web belt that looked like the CS belt with the exception of the buckle and width. I was at council yesterday turning in my assistant's University of Scouting registration so I went in the scout shop and bought the belt. I said "Finally, my uniform is complete" and the lady behind the counter said "Oh, you already have socks too?" DOH! So I bought the silly little green and red socks. Complete at last . . . for now.


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Oh Come on, not even close to complete. Got a Red Jacshirt? Campaign Hat? Official 2001 Scout Boxers?


And the list goes on and on......


There are sooooooo many things to buy to make you complete. Need to find your Senior Uniform Police to check your uniform out also. You can tell them by the multitude of patches, Red Jackshirt, brown shoes, and Dunlap profile.


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Hey, nldscout, I resemble that remark! Oh...wait...I don't have the jackshirt yet so that must not be me. I do have a campaign hat and brown loafers, so maybe I'll get extra points? Now that Dunlop thing...I won't say it "just comes with age", but it sure does creep up on a person. : )

(actually, I don't like loafers with a Scout uniform but I've been there once or twice)

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