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Appropriateness of Scouter wearing patches earned as a Youth.

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Quite a range of ideas. Since this a youth organization, I wear my vest with patches, OA, and past position badges I held. I've never lost my enjoyment of seeing accomplishments of each scout. GO boys.

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I have taken the majority of my patches from my youth; positions, camps, conclaves, pow-wows, etc. even my old CSP and Troop numbers and honor unit patches and sewn them on a jacket. I have not attached any rank patches or my lodge flaps. (It helps that I'm a big guy)


It has been a great discussion point with boys..."what's 50 Miles afoot afloat" "How do you become a BSA Lifeguard" or even "that's cool." It has prompted several of our boys to actually do something with their patches.


It's also been a great conversation starter with Scouters at camp. "I went there" "Did you know such and such he was on staff there in the 70's"


To keep it fresh and not to appear as if I'm bragging, I only bring it out every now and then.




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I was wondering (as a search of this area didn't show it) if I can wear my World Conservation Award on my adult uniform? I earned it (although I wasn't trying, i just took all the required merit badges - a committee member found the thing and wanted to have the kids earn it, I was the only scout in the troop that already qualified.) and never got to wear it. It was presented to me about a week before my Eagle was, and it never made it onto my uniform.

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Rip Van Scouter:


What is the difference to you of an experience such as Philmont that you did as a scouter but did not do as an adult leader that would cause you to have concerns about wearing the patch? My attitude about such things is that if you earned it you earned it and it doesn't matter when you did so.

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Sitrep: I have come to the same conclusion. If you earned it, you can display it. You just may not be able to wear it on your uniform. The insiginia guide makes provision for one and only one "temporary" patch to be worn on the right pocket. This applies to the World Conservation Award that WinterFlames asked about above, as well as the Philmont Arrowhead and other patches.


So if you want to display your previous awards, unless there is a specific adult squareknot equivalent, or the insignia guide makes a provision for adult scouter wear (jamboree patch is one example), only one can be worn at a time, on the uniform.


However, if you have a non-uniform jacket or vest, including the BSA-sold patch vest, you can certainly "display" your patches there.


Thanks for all the input on this thread. Hopefully, this will clear this thread out!





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