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If You Could Design a New/Ideal Scout Uniform:

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Patrol Insignia was not mentioned or I left it off without thinking about it, same difference. (*I knew there would be something, always!)


Each patrol would stencil/silk screen their patrol emblem on the front of the Tee-shirt. Across the back would be the name of the business that sponsors them with an American flag. The Troop number should be stenciled below the patrol emblem on the front.


Extra money would be brought in from the sponsor for purchasing patrol equipment. Patrols flags would then be pretty fancy.


By the way, jeans should be bought longer than needed and rolled up, so as the Scout grows, so does his pants which will last a long, long time. When they do wear out in the knees, then they can make Summer Camp shorts.


You are so right about rolling up a First aid kit in the short sleeve of the Tee. Why didn't I think of that? They'll probably put cigs in the kit anyway. (*A Scout is always prepared.)






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Fuzzy Bear,


Actually, when I was a Sea Explorer, our work uniform was a white t shirt, blue jeans, and a dixie cup hat with the Sea Explorer Anchor insignia sewn on. Boots or sneakers as needed (and sometimes bear feet). Great uniform for its purpose and it is "traditional".


(However, for meetings, Bridge of Honor, parades, ect. we had dress blue crackerjacks)


PS-in the work uniform, we did roll a pack of cigs in the sleeve. The left brest pocket on the jumper worked well for a cig pack too. Really ticked the skipper off !

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IMHO a new uniform would be based on the current BDU design used by the military and police, NO not camo! Flat green pants and a buff/tan shirt, Loose fitting so they are comfortable for activites when warm or thermals can be worn underneath for cooler climates.



Make the shirt so it can be worn tucked in or out and still look good, use the cuff design on the BDU so that the sleeve can be worn rolled up. Deep six the epaulets the buttons are not comforable under shoulder straps or replace the buttons with velcro.



Put real cargo pockets on the pants sized to fit a scout handbook at a mimimum, if not large cargo pockets a combination flashlight/knife pocket, on the cuffs blousing ribbons to tuck pants into the boots to help keep ticks out.



There isnt really a one hat for all jobs. I dislike the oversea's hat and for one am glad it went the way of the beret, while they look good in town they really dont belong in the woods. I wear a Tilley in all but the coldest weather and a Campaign hat for COH and for summer camp.



Bring back the bottle opener leather belt! I have one from Australian scout store with the leather pouch. The WOSM estore also sells the same style belt. Increase the quality of web belt buckle.


Okay enough venting for now




Scoutmaster Troop 21

Juneau Alaska


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Cookie, Cookie, lend me your comb!




A little dab will do you!


by the way, I first used some type of red colored liquid that smelled a little like roses and then I used butch hair wax on my flat top and later Brylcream on my short duck tails and even later, nothing at all on my hair to my shoulders. (Boy, the changes I went through!)


BP, the Sea Scout uniforms were the very best. A couple of years ago, I picked up a set of Sea Scout Whites from a yard sell. I always wanted to be a Sea Scout but never had the opportunity.

I can tell that you liked the uniforms. The Sea Scout Blues, I guess crackerjacks for the kid on the crackerjack box, still are above and beyond.







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I tried to reach you in private message but the server truncating monster got me even there. There wasn't anything that I didn't want to say to the forum as a whole; I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your idea of having the youth design a uniform, then having a vote-off in Boys Life.


Someone else here had another really good idea: Use the established outdoor manufacturers as part of the contest.


At the dawn of the 21st Century, when we know so much about hypo and hyper-thermia, there is no reason in the world for BSA supply division to be in the dark ages on clothing and equipment design. Columbia, Carhartt, Levi Strauss, Kelty (who does supply to BSA), Camp Trails, REI, all make world class equipment.


As I've had a chance to mull this in my mind, I think the contest idea needs just a little more structure:


First division: Uniforms suitable to year-round wear in certain climates, and summertime wear through most of the Nation.


Second division: Uniforms suitable for year-round wear through most of the Nation.


Third division: Uniforms suitable for winter wear in the colder climates.


That would mean 15-30 final uniforms in the competition. This is the point where Supply Division has to cough up some R&D bucks and make some test sets to supply Philmont, Northern Tier, and Sea Base.


It's really possible!: At the end of the competition, BSA can have well designed, well constructed, high-utility uniforms.


John(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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AK-Eagle, you're about as close to the mark on new uniform ideas as any I've seen. With a name like yours, I'm not surprised! :) I'm a new leader, but a long time BSA supporter. Was with Troop 358 in the San Gabriel Valley Council. Eagle, NESA, '77 Jamboree, God and Country, Philmont, and ToT Chief. Now with Troop 308 in the Los Padres Council.


I just bought the pants, but I can't bring myself to take the tags off. Could they be any worse? Yea, I guess they could still be the same as we had back then. Shorts are too short. Elastic waist band is preschool. The fabric must be the worst aspect. Cold in the winter, hot in the summer! :p All understandable if they cost $19.95, but I paid $38. There are so many better choices, especially with today's material advances. I'm not talking about synthetics exclusively, either. Smartwool socks and thermals rock. I'm glad to see official Thorlo socks available. Cotton pants would fade, so Carhartt or a green jean would be a problem. (Though I heard that Carhartt makes their double-front pant in dark green for the USFS.) BDU-style pant, yes. Not the same, but similar. Walmart makes a short called American Eagle. I'll bet they'd facilitate making a convertible version in green for us (BSA).


I'm also reminded that our country is gigantic, and there's no way a national decision will suit all regions. (Hmmm... a parallel here to gov't?) Is BSA divided into Regions? Could uniform decisions be made regionally? With guidelines of course, specifically about color. Am I (are we) wasting breath? Probably, but I hope not.

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There are a lot of good ideas out there.


I think in deference to tradition, the basic colors should not change much. The olive green in the older wool pants is a better color than the sick green of the 'official' pants of today, so I would use that one.


I would keep Webelos in the blue uniform. There seems to be too big of a push to make little boys into young men too quickly. The neckerchief and badges make a clear difference between the ranks. The Boy Scout belt used by Webelos makes it impossible for them to wear their Academics and Sports Belt Loops.


If you really wanted to make another change, add epaulets (sp) to the cub shirt and have the boys wear rank appropriate loops on them. It would also make the wearing of denner cords much easier. (Denner cords are easily the most popular item in our den)


I would stick with one cub hat with a removable device to match the rank. (velcro or a pin) Head size does not change much and why add unnecessary expense?


I think the Boy Scout uniform is fine outside of the aforementioned pants. Fix the pants and you fix most of the uniform issues.


Boy Scout hats should be varied. As mentioned, climate and season are important for an outdoor organization. I think a quality stocking hat that can accomodate a rank or position emblem would be good for cold weather. For other times, it may be best to have a regional or council standard. Wide brimmed hats make sense in some climates, but are too cumbersome for some people. Berets go in and out of 'coolness', so let the boys decide. As long as the troop has the same hat, does it really matter?


All in all the changes do not have to be drastic in order to really make the uniform much better. I would echo the thoughts on cost. Spend the money on important equipment/materials not an overpriced uniform.

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Here is the uniform I would like to see...


First I would bring back a "Old School" Look.. bring back tradition with functionality.


You gotta go back to green shirts.

Shirts would come back with Collar/ no collar option, short sleeves and long sleeves.

Patches would have to revert back to green backgrounds.

A "quick dry" wicking undershirt would be part of the uniform and would serve as a "Class B" or activity uniform when the shirt is removed.


Pants would have to be green, made of rip stop material. Zip off legs to convert to Shorts and cargo pockets.

The front and back pockets would have velcro closures.


Belts- now that we do use skill awards anymore the belt just needs to be funtional- get rid of the current "Military style" buckle it is a pain in the butt and rarely stays secure. Go back to the two piece insert style buckle on a leather belt or adapt a like buckle to a web material belt.


Hat- Campaign hat for leaders and a baseball style (6 panel hat) for the youth and adults. Hat would be solid green (same color as Shirt) and have the Universal emblem (First class) in full color on the front.


Sashes stay the same, but allow specific patches to be sewn on back ie: 50 miler, historic trails etc.


But most importantly... its got to be cost effective and cheap enough for everyone to be in a complete uniform. That is the reason so many Scouts and Scouters do not wear full uniforms now.. at $38.00 a shirt, pants seem to be a little far out there for most.




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