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What patches may be worn on red wool Jac-shirt?

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I have to jump into this one.  First, I'm all for covering any jacket with patches if it makes you or the scouts market scouting.  I have never seen any unit that had the same outer shell or  jacket.  Every scout and scouter had their own jacket in my time in Michigan, Canada, upstate New York and Switzerland. 

And just to get others tweaking...There used to be a white Philmont bull, we said females used; while males used the black bull.  Also, there is constant discussion on the criteria for the bull's tail over the left shoulder seam as Baldy or Tooth.  That should get some on here going.

I think it would be great to see someone get their neckerchief in a bunch (keeping it nice) over what is on someone's jacket.  Its almost as unnecessary as a pristine OA sash.


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I'm not inclined to sew a bunch of patches on the red wool jackets because the jackets cost so freakin' much.

For me, the more appropriate place to sew all those extra patches is on a red patch vest (or maybe on a "brag" blanket).

Besides, since I do most of my camping in Texas, I don't really WANT a heavy wool jacket on campouts just to show off a few temporary patches. For me, the flimsy felt vest isn't nearly so stifling hot on those toasty warm January nights around the campfire...


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Oh no, personal preference dipping into this.  I have to put the red felt brag vest right up there with the red beret (which I have for some unknown reason).  I would rather drink bug juice in the dark than have the brag vest.  I would have it torn up or lost on the first trip.  Brag blanket is another story.  An old army wool blanket and patches is awesome.  With a pillow case with patches on one side and blank on the other is cool too.  You display the patches during the day and flip the pillow over (patches down) at night.  

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