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Hi all, I just got back from delivering a shirt to a needy scout. This boy is from a neighboring pack and needed a tan shirt. He is new to scouting and is (of course) from a financially challenged family. I also had for him a hat, belt, scarf, and a donated hand book. (keep the donations coming!!) He was so happy to have these items that he was planning to sew on his own patches. His mom offered to help but only received an "AWWW MOM!" from him in return. He took the items and disappeared to his room. I didn't see him again till I was leaving. He waved to me from his bedroom window and I am happy to say he was wearing the shirt and hat. It takes so little to make some kids happy. You would think that everyone would pass along out grown shirts instead of keeping them boxed up in the closet.

I spoke to his Aunt tonight after returning home and she said he is insisting on being the first scout to the meeting this week so that everyone gets to see how "cool" he looks.

You gotta love a boy in uniform.




Changing the world is as easy as changing a shirt.


Uniform Closet

c/o Kristi Cantor

PO Box 1111

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