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A scout and his uniform

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A package came today from a donor for my cubs uniform closet. Big thanks to "You know who" for sending this. In it were a couple of Wolf hats. Funny story about Wolf Hats. The first scout I put in a donated uniform sat next to me at last nights meeting. While the CM was speaking he kept whispering to me things like: "Wow, where did (name deleted) get that cool hat?" "Is that a wolf on that hat?" " Do I get a hat like that?" and finally he just came out and asked "When are you going to get me a hat?" Well I am happy to say that today I went to the school and gave him a hat. He was so happy that he didn't want to take it off and got in trouble for wearing a hat at school (opps). While I was there I also gave one of the donated shirts to the new scout that joined at last nights meeting. He was the one who wasn't going to get to join because of money problems. Both boys were very happy to receive these items today and I will make more boys happy tomorrow when I divy up the rest of the package. This package even contained an American flag (which I am embarrased to say our den didn't already have one, but we do now!) which my wolves will now use to complete the flag folding requirement! A super big thank you to the one who sent this package.

I can't change the pack overnight but I can change it one boy at a time.



Uniform Closet

c/o Kristi Cantor

PO BOX 1111

Kodak Tn 37764

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