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Need an adult uniform shirt

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Hi all. I have a new need. I just always seem needy don't I? Here is the story:

We do not have a Webelos leader. Last year the Webelos didn't get to meet due to an apathetic adult. Now, that said, I have a new boy coming into my Wolf Den. He is from a very financially challenged family and will be getting a donated blue shirt just as soon as I get another one in (Large). Well, his father is a former scout and has said he will be the Webelos Leader. He will be riding with me to training this month and the pack will be picking up the registration fee for both him and his boy. Now the problem is he needs an adult XL uniform shirt. If anyone has one that they don't need I would really appreciate it for him. Our Webelos needs this new leader.

Thanks a bunch.



Uniform Closet

c/o Kristi Cantor

PO BOX 1111

Kodak Tn 37764

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Wow! The generosity of Scout people!! Fantastic, the shorts would be great too! I don't know for certain what size he wears but they should fit even if he needs a belt. Thanks a bunch.

Scouts are a really great group of people.


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