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Decisions, decisions....and now yet another....


Do I wear the red ones? Or the Black? Or do I break out the ones with the family tartan?


Am I wearing my troop uniform? Or my Training Staff uniform? Which hat will I don? Shall I be holding up long pants or shorts with the suspenders?


My, my...so many decisions!!


Shall I wear the ones with the "X" back? Or the "Y" back? The ones with the silver adjustment clip? Or the Brass? The ones with the clips? or the ones for the buttons? (Uh-oh...scout pants don't have the buttons...choice made.)


The red ones go well with the training staff epilets, the tartan ones don't...


The black ones go well with...well, with just about all the epilets...and the badges....


Uh-oh...the badges...the wide suspenders tend to cover many of the uniform adornments...better go for the narrow ones...


But...the narrow ones cut into the shoulders more...


Gads....what to do??


Thanks, eisely...just when I thought I had everything in order....


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This guy came into a bar carrying a mouse.

The bartender said, "Hey, we don't serve mice."

The mouse said, "Wait a minute, I'm not really a mouse."

The bartender was taken aback by this furry little creature speaking up.

He said, "You can speak, I have never heard a mouse speak before. Tell me more."

The mouse began to tell the bartender his life's story. They hit it off so well that the mouse came to the bar every night just so he and the bartender could talk.


The moral of this tale is that even though you have never heard a mouse speak doesn't mean you should be so quick to judge him. He just might have story.


Crack, suspenders, who am I to judge?


The Mouse

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Some beer was spilled on the bar room floor

And the bar was closed for the night

A little brown mouse came from a hole in the wall

and sat in the pale moonlight


He lapped up the beer from the bar room floor

And back on his haunches, he sat

An' all night long you could hear him roar

Bring on the bar room cat


The cat came in at the break of dawn

And ate up the little brown mouse

An' the moral of this story is

Never take a drink on the house


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Interesting story. There was a fella on summer camp staff many years ago who only wore gallouses to keep his pants up. He got razzed one year about them not being uniform, so the next year he had a pair of OD green suspenders for everybody on staff. Thet matched the scout pants perfectly. I think they were called "the boss" or something. Really interesting design. They only had two clips and clipped onto your pants right on the side. So, for a few years there were "official" suspenders on summer camp staff at least. OD green worked great for scouts, but I shudder to think of them in gold for cubbers. I say go for what works.

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As a suspender wearer AND a Cub Scout leader, I wanted to point out that I wear BLUE suspenders that match the blue ribbons on the epilets (sp?).


When (if?) I move on to Boy Scouts with my son, then my plan is to switch to the RED suspenders, again, to match the epliets, though I have wondered if wearing DARK GREEN suspenders would be less distracting from the uniform. The problem there is I have yet to find green suspenders. Blue, tan, maroon, black, and red seem to be the most commonly available colors.


I did hear my council's training coordinator complain about the number of scout leaders the are overweight and the bad message it sends to our boys about maintaning their health. I myself was offended by that comment since I have struggled with my weight since early childhood, having tried every diet under the sun and experienced the yo-yo diet issues. I was a fat Cub Scout, a fat Boy Scout, and now a fat Scout leader.


Is Scout leadership only for the lean? I hope not, since I feel I have a lot to offer ... so long as my pants stay up.


Back to the suspenders ... there is nothing worse than watching a man with a big belly constantly pulling up it pants. THAT is why I wear suspenders.

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Thanks for the lesson... I have only been doing the adult scouter thing in 3 decades (HOW DID I GET SO OLD??), about a year ago I finally figured out the red/green/blue/blaze/silver/gold things are called 'loops.'


I vote suspenders, remember folks there's a thing called YPT :p

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