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Uniform Police?

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Sounds like we're approaching a recommendation for both Scout Dress Uniform (for which the current designs are best suited) and something approaching Scout BDU's (which, of course, the current designs and fabrics fall far short in satisfaction for anything).


No camo, please......


An' ay laddie...the kilt being good'nuff for me fathers long er' gone, t'would be a fair sight bettar than that which is offered up in the catalog of fashion these days....ay....but nay, ner' could we git away with the undergarments of ol' which me father might have found most agreeable....none at all, laddie...fer the kilt was not of just the skirt 'tis become today. Nay, the kilt of old took some intelligence and experience to don...with many a wrap to cover all and keep the best parts warm... Me thinks that the kilt would be tough 'nuff, but not without it's hazards to the inexperienced.

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Long-time reader, first-time poster!

I think my first post should be light-hearted, maybe light-headed.

We have just started a new troop in an area where no active troop resided. Consequently, the troop is comprised of boys with no scouting experience. Concerning the "necker-chief", one scout suggested wearing it as a 'dew-rag'. The SM and I see we have our work cut out.....




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big Dog,


Welcome, welcome, welcome! If you've been lurking for any length of time, you should know that you've found a great bunch of characters to chat with. Passionate about Scouting, you betcha! Sometimes it spills into a bit of rough housing, but most everyone here is cognizant of the Scout Law.


Congrates on the new Troop. I hope you find it, as I do, the single most reqarding thing you'll have ever done outside of family life. Don't be afraid to come and lean of your friends here. There is a lot of wisdom in these masses!


I hope you are not to be confused with "Big Dawg" of Cleveland Brown mascot fame, are you?



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LauraT7, others, this topic seems to keep returning. So I'll make my perennial remark. I like the uniform. The pants fit and feel fine to me. Not sure about the dew rag thing though. I buy uniform parts via catalog. Quick delivery, no problems, no complaints. Have a nice day! :)

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