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Looking for Experienced Uniforms

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With the cost of uniforms so high, and living on Social Security Disability, I am having trouble finding experienced uniforms.


Since July of last year, when I had surgery to help me lose weight, I have lost 185 lbs. I now need 2xl shirts (if the shoulders were larger, I could wear XLs) and 44x32/34 pants.


If anyone out there has some they are willing to part with, please let me know. I have adjusted my old shirts as much as they can.


Thanks, YIS

Paul Johnson, (307) 332-5957, paj@wyoming.com

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Hi Paul,

I found the following by searching "experienced uniforms". At one point someone else checked & thought prices looked good. Can't vouch for quality. (No insult intended "Experienced Uniforms".)

Sounds like you've made quite a commitment. Best wishes on the health front &

"Keep on Scoutin'!"



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I have one Short Sleeve Shirt and at least one pair of pants that are 44 waist. They are hemmed at 30 - 31", but I think I hemmed them with a lot of extra material.


I'll check it out, and if they can be made long enough, I'll give them to you. I'll call you tomorrow.



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Thank you so very much for your prayers and those who are helping to locate "experienced uniforms".


Let me take this time to encourage those who think they have "insurmountable" problems, that, in my opinion, anyone can help our boys.


God bless all,


Paul Johnson

Lander, WYoming

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Hi, I just reread this thread and realized I'd missed the link....


Take a look at www.geocities.com/o_sheffler/experien3.html#finding


This was posted in March by ExperiencedUniforms. I'm sorry that I dropped the ball earlier.




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