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Webleos, tan shirts, and blue loops

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While I havn't looked in the "official uniform guide" yet I have this question. When a Webelos scout wears the tan shirt does he wear the blue loops? The uniform inspection sheet that I have doesn't show it and I know the leaders must wear the blue loops. But do the boys?

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As Sheila mentioned the Webelos may wear the Tan uniform but only if they are wearing the blue loops. When the cross over to Boy Scouts they go to the red loops.


What I did as a Webelos leader many years ago was made it optional for Webelos 1 to wear the blur or tan .. so yes I had a mix that was as they out grew the Blue they went to Tan. When they become Webelos 2 they had to wear the Tan uniform and use the Boy Scout Sign, salute, etc. This is just how I ran my den and what the parents of the Scouts wanted.


I hope this helps.


Happy Scouting



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