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Our troop VOTED on the following.


Fatigue (class C or field use): High quality Ts with screen printed unit info on the left chest pocket area. This cost us $7.50 each plus $10 for the screen setup.


Hat: Black boonie with metal rank insignia. Other pins may be added, but the current rank is in front center.


The boys voted on the boonie after discussion of the costs and benefits of all the availble hats. The second choice was the beret, and third the expedition hats. If the cost was reasonable, I think they would have preferred the expedition hats.


As for the other, these are my opinions.



Formal: Wool/Poly or similar dress pants.

Fatigue: Good quality mil-spec field pants (BDU style) with adjustments, and cargo pockets. Color: olive or tan

Shorts: Canvas or duck, with cargo pockets.



Formal: Current shirt with tie or appropriate bolo, Wood badge regalia

Fatigue: BDU style. The pockets and take-up cinches are very handy. With a T under the shirt they are very comfortable. Again, green or tan.


As for the Campaign hat. It is very useful, and did not cause any problems when I wore it in the field. If your choice is to wear it for formal, you might consider a second just for dress. After a while the hat "becomes yours" as it is shaped by use and weather. I bought mine for about $20, and have only added the universal insignia. I will be adding a Turks Head band in the future, made from para-cord.


My thoughts.


Paul Johnson



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I found a new one at a local army/navy store for, I think, $30.00. It's a dead knock-off of the official BSA hat. The main thing is that it's brown, like the BSA hats, versus the green surplus USMC hats. Unfortunately, the store closed about six months ago and there is no manufacturer info inside the hat, so I can't tell you how to find one.


Of course you still need to buy a BSA hat pin, band and chin strap, which together totals more that the $30 hat. I'm not positive, but I don't think those items come with the official hat, either. By the time the smoke clears, you'll end up with $130 in an official hat.

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I do have an "official" BSA hat (not as nicely made as the ones from 50 years ago) that I got on clearance at the Scout Shop. The brim had curled in storage so they marked it down, way down.


However, I would like a second one for "beat around" wear to replace my dying expedition hat. The new expedition hats are different and I don't care for them. I'll check the surplus stores, that never occurred to me before. Of course, I don't spend as much time in surplus stores now as I did when I was in college.


I never bought an "official" hat band. I've made four in different colours out of para cord and one out of a braided leather belt. Total expense for all five hat bands, lesss than $10.


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We have a great Army-Navy Superstore here in town and he gives us a 10% discount. I bought my used Campaign Hat there a couple of years ago and it was $5.00. His website is armynavysuperstores.com. I think the hat is now $18.95. Lots of other things there also.

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I agree with the green bdu pants as they are more functional than the official BSA style. As for headgear, the baseball style cap is functional as a dress item, however, I agree that the boonie hat is better for class b. My troop uses the red beret for honor guards and color guards. We also use white web belts and white gloves with the beret. The boys practically fight to be in the Color Guard or be an honor guard

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I found this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down at the bottom of the lists, but was bored...



My Uniform Choice would be:


Meetings, COH, etc: official shirt, red beret, olive BDU pants


Honor/ Color Guard: same as above, but add white gloves and shiny black boots


Camping: BDU clothing in olive drab with red troop shirt underneath, olive boonie hat, black boots such as jungle boots or tactical boots

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Spats hops, Spats


And dont tell me you are only 14, quick, who was the first president of the United States? Who started Boy Scouts? Who won the Civil/War Between the States/War of Northern Agression?


The point is, you can learn history, make the old codgers proud, research it

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