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Uniform Changes

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What changes, if any, would you like to see in the uniform or insignia?


I would like to see the shoulder area used more often for rank or office ID. Maybe a larger strip with 1 bar for tenderfoot, 2 for 2 class and 3 for first class and a star for star, but I don't know what should be there for the other ranks.


I would also like to see a revival of the beret.


Any other ideas?


Please no comments about strength or cost, as they have been beaten to death.


Thanks(This message has been edited by netscouter)

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Hated the beret. Give me a hat/cap with an all-around brim (Like the ventures have) or a knit cap for winter.

The scouts already have stripes on the sleeve for leadership positions but not for rank (APL, PL, ASPL, & SPL). I like the way the rank is displayed and what each part means.

The thing I don't like is how the merit badge sash falls off the shoulder of the smaller scouts. This forces us to either sew a loop underneath it or do a button hole to attach it to the shirt.(This message has been edited by Double Eagle)

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I've been wearing a military beret for 26 years now, and it's purely decorative/ceremonial -- no practical value in the field whatsoever.


I'm with the many who would like to see two things in the BSA catalog:


1). A real inclement weather jacket, similar to the Columbia-type parkas with technical features, zip-out liners, etc. The jac-shirt and windbreaker just don't cut it.


2). An official pair of pants with real roomy cargo pockets (many), a ripstop blend material that will dry easily and wear well, gathers at the cuffs to keep critters out, reinforced seat/knees, and convertible/zip-off legs. If it's functional and well-designed, cost won't be an issue...


my $.02



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I'm with KoreaScouter on the jacket thing. A jacket like the M65 field jacket in OD would be great. Big pockets, removable liner, etc. Actually the M65 would be ideal. It has epaulets for wearing the red loop and you could even put the CSP and troop number on it.


I just wish that BSA made some trousers that fit me. I'm fairly tall and their trousers don't have a rise that is high enough for me so their trousers or shorts just dangle off my butt. I'm always on the lookout for OD trousers and shorts that fit me.



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I "kinda like" the uniform the way it is insignia wise. The uniform helps tell the history of the program. Now, the technical improvements that have been discused, why I am all for that. Better fitting pants, gear you can use on the trail, all sorely needed.


I am not sure the strips on the shoulder for rank would be a good idea. One strip Tenderfoot? one strip is also Private in the Army. Two strips second class? two strips is Corporal in the Army and of course 3 strips is a sergeant. If the star and heart are worn for Star and Life rank, what goes on for Eagle? And it would be a good idea if the Eagle didnt come close to the First Airbourne Logo.


Given the push to not be "paramilitary" I dont think rank on shoulders is a good idea.



Then again, I dont understand why people would think we are a paramilitary organization, just because we salute the flag in uniform, have troops that are composed of patrols, patrol members have ranks, we have reveille in the mornign and colors in the evening and taps at night and our founder was a military man...


By the way, I wouldnt change any of the above

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I also like the practical improvements ideas proposed above. I think BSA should make these improvements for next year's line.


Like Old Grey Eagle, the first time I read the striping idea it reminded me of the military. I was an army brat, and this method of designating rank for scouts still doesn't sit with me well even after the 3rd reading because of the close correlation to army rank designations. BTW, eagle is also full colonel rank when displayed on epaulets.

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I understand what KS said about the beret. It isn't functional at all, but I loved how sharp it looks when worn correctly by a group. Four guys in my patrol for Adult Leader Training had berets and we all wore them for flag raising and looked great doing it. I also feel the same way about the field cap that was done away with in the early/mid-80's. My orignal troop wore those and it looked really cool when the whole troop was wearing the correct uniform with the field cap. Gave us a little more "professional" look than the baseball cap.


Really high quality outdoor clothing (like Columbia) would be great. However, I'm afraid of how much the BSA would charge for it.


I wouldn't mind seeing cords being used for SPL, PL, etc. like they are for den chiefs. Another wish is to get rid of the green/red socks and just go for white athletic socks for activities and plain black/blue for more formal occasions.

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Personally, I hate those new Boy Scout shorts and pants. They are tight and most scouts prefer the baggy look. I'm not saying that it's ok to have the pants sagging so low that you can see their butts, but have the pants and shorts be more looser and wider. Also, having the convertable pants that change into shorts would be nice to have. For one, it would save money by allowing scouts to purchase one pair of pants instead of two. Also, the cargo pockets need to be larger, Those small pathetic pockets aren't good for anything. I like that comment made from Double Eagle about putting a button on the merit badge slash. It would hold up much better than it just resting on the shoulders. And one more thing, I wish BSA made a venturing bolo just like the venturing belt buckle.

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My 2 cents worth.


I would like to seee the pants nad shirts in a lerger size and made of material that doesn't shrink as bad as the current ones. Also more room in them as well as the shirts. How about bringing the sizing up to the Clothing stanadard so a 42 waist is a 42 waist and mnot a 40 waist. Also the shirts need to be cut larger and with more material in the bottom of the shirt so they dont pull out of pants as easy and finally a easier material that holds up better.


I love the Boonie hat that is now popular but remeber having the Beret's for the troop headgear when I was a scout.

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Howdy All:


If I were to change the uniform, it would be to make it something that the boys (over 10) would actually like to wear.


I would eliminate much of the insignia, the epaulets and the two front pockets. Put all the extra patches and awards on a vest like the GSUSA.


Make the shirt a knit polo-style. Use the world brotherhood crest and a small USA flag in place of the BSA strip. The position badges of Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, and Patrol Leader could go back to the simple green bars worn on the sleeve.


Make the rank (Tenderfoot ~ Eagle) badges easier to attach and/or replace.


Make the official pants blue jeans, so the boys will always be in uniform.


I borrowed an idea from Scouts Canada and created some shoulder loops with green bars. If you are interested in seeing a sample, take a look at http://www.geocities.com/o_sheffler/experien3.html#sloops

The boys seem to enjoy wearing them, it is easier to identify the youth leadership quickly, and there is no sewing involved, and they can be traded off quickly.


Keep on Scoutin' ora

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"If I were to change the uniform, it would be to make it something that the boys (over 10) would actually like to wear."


I don't think that the style of the shirt matters. I don't know many Girl Scouts who will actually wear their uniform for a second longer than they need to.


What is needed is a cultural change and it needs to start at the top. Too many of the leaders shed their uniforms 15 seconds after the meeting is over. To many leaders give the impression that "uniforms are lame."


What needs to happen is that we need to educate the scouts that their uniforms represent something that is more important than their Chicago Bulls jacket. Also, they need to understand that the kids at school who mock them for wearing a uniform aren't their friends.


Simple enough. Right? Give me a decade or two. :-)


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It all has to start at a young age as well and things aren't helped by today's style of ultra-sloppy.


Our troop is fed by two packs. One pack is an "anything goes" pack and the other is pretty much a "by the numbers pack." When I tell the new scouts to tuck in their shirts, etc. the boys from the first pack whine and the boys from the second pack just do it.


I haven't crunched any numbers but I believe that the boys from the "anything goes pack" drop out of Boy Scout much more quickly than the boys from the other pack.



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I would like to see the uniforms perhaps become a cotton blend of some kind. Something that moves with you and doesn't look wrinkled and sloppy after a few hours of wear. And I agree they need to be longer bend over a few times and you have tails hanging out everywhere. I think a blend would definitely make the uniform more comfortable and look alot neater. There aren't too many people that actually iron a shirt so many have a wrinkled look to them all the time.



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