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Full Uniform

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I enjoyed reading the posts about the boys wearing their uniforms in school, etc.

I have a story to share, too....(warning: Proud Scout Parent story ahead!)

Our middle school principal asked that students who were Boy Scouts would hold a flag ceremony on September 11th. My son was talking with the other Boy Scouts beforehand, and I soon gathered from their conversation that all of the boys had brought clothes to change in to after the ceremony...except mine. I told my son that, if he wanted me to, I would bring him some clothes later.


Afterward, as I was leaving, I asked my son if he wanted me to come back with some clothes. "No," he said "I think I'll just stay in my uniform." His friend said "Me, too." and soon all of the boys (there were about 10 of them, from 3 different troops) had decided to do the same. I'm not sure what changed their minds...maybe it was the compliments they received from some of the teachers and a few students after the ceremony...whatever the reason, I was happy to see it.


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