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Wanted: Council Shoulder Patch: Blue Mountain Council

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I just got back from the Washington Jamboree (WashJam). I wasn't able to complete as much trading as I would have liked, so I thought I would try to do some trading online. I'm looking for council shoulder patches for the following councils:

- Oregon Trail Council, Oregon

- Blue Mountain Council, Washington

- Snake River Council, Idaho

- Cascadia Council, British Columbia

- Pacific Coast Council, British Columbia

- Fraser Valley Council, British Columbia

If you would like to trade any of these council shoulder patches, I am offering Cascade Pacific Council or Crater Lake Council in trade.


Also, if you know of any councils outside of Washington, Oregon, Idaho or British Columbia that were in attendance at WashJam, please let me know. I'm having trouble getting a list of the participating councils, but I heard there was a group from Texas and a group from Utah in there somewhere. Thanks.

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