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Looking for the Cub Scout Motto Scroll patch

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I am trying to find the discontinued Cub Scout Motto patch that looked like a scroll. I should have bought it when I saw it, but I said, oh, I will get it later. Suddenly it was discontinued. Normally my Scout shop is awesome and comes through, I was able to find a 2010 Bobcat badge and a 2010 ribbon that my Cubmaster ran out of. This time she couldn't find it. When I looked on Ebay, I can't find it. The patch has gone off the face of the planet. The Tiger and Boy Scout ones are still available on scoutstuff.org. Here is a link of the type of patch it is, this is the Tiger one. I hope someone can help me.


I would like to sew this on my son's patch blanket.

Thanks so much!

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