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I have never heard of or seen anybody wearing anything other than street clothes to an ordinary meeting with a merit badge counselor. If you know that a particular merit badge counselor expects something different, you should adhere to his or her preferences. I presume that you are not thinking about merit badges with specific apparel requirements.

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I would refer you and your friend to one of the last requirements for advancement of any rank; Show Scout Spirit. With this in mind, I would ask you if I were your Merit Badge Counciler, "What do you think you should wear to show me Scout Spirit?"

Granted, Merit Badge Councilers are not grading you for any advancement requirements, but all things you do that apply to or involve Scouting should reflect your pride in being a Scout and offer you an opportunity to show your Scout Spirit. How can you be proud of the fact you are a Scout and have completed a Merit Badge or advanced in Rank and NOT wear a uniform?

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