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Safely mounting patches

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I have a collection of all the National Jamboree patches (and a couple from World). Everything from 1957 forward is in mint condition.


About 10 years ago I mounted them in a frame by drilling through a piece of artboard and catching each patch with one or two stitches just in the edge of the border. I think this is fine, it's not as if the patches have been sewn on a uniform.


The problem with this method is that I can't move the patches. All I can do with the newest patches for the past three jambos is stick them inside the edge of the frame. I'll like to come up with a better system.


Does anyone know how to mount the patches which will still keep them in a mint condition? My primary concern is not to do anything which will damage the patches. I don't want to use any kind of adhesive on them, which could damage them and lessen the value.


If the system I have is the best I can do, I suppose once ever three jamborees I can afford to re-do the display. But before I do, does anyone have any suggestions?

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I've used doublestick tape. If I can find my Archiving and Museum books, I may be able to find a better way and post here. Be advised those books may be in my attic and take some time to find.

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Twocubdad, is the frame glass covered and does the glass push up against the patches to help hold them in place?


Ive used double-sided archival tape or a hinge of single sided archival tape, as well as a hinge of good old masking tape. Either shouldnt do any damage.


Another thought is the stamp hinge that collectors use to mount postage stamps. These also shouldnt do any harm to the patches.


The reason I asked about the glass is Im not sure how these suggestions would work for the long haul if just the tape or hinges were the only thing supporting the patches. The glass would help keep things in place. If it were a tight enough fit and depending on how the frame went together you might not even need the tape or hinges.





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Glue dots. These are available where scrapbooking supplies are sold. Glue dots stick on and peel off, leave no residue, and are acid-free archival quality. There are two types, removable and non-removable, so make sure to use the right one. Since they are marketed to scrapbookers, they must be archival and not damage or discolor fabric, paper or photos.

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