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Where do you purchase your segment patches from?

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I have looked at our local scout office, and the selection of segments is very minimal. Is there somewhere online that our den/pack could purchase segments for the boys to earn at various den meetings/activities?


From what I have gathered, the segments are optional - and the requirements to earn them are set up within the individual den or pack....is that correct? I am just a mom with 2 boys currently in Cub Scouts. One belongs to a community sponsored group (currently a Tiger Scout), and the other belongs to a church sponsored group (currently a Bear Scout). Our church group starts with Bears, but my younger son was so excited by what his big brother was doing we put him in the other group.


Anyways, I am just trying to help the community sponsored group out by sourcing places to purchase segments. Also, I have been reading about "Brag Vests"....might have to look into getting a pattern for those as well.


Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide.

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A segment patch is a small curved patch that is usually put around a larger circular patch.


Some councils have specific programs for them, others make them available for units to use as they see fit, still other councils do not have them in their shops at all.


My Pack uses them as cheap recognition patches. We give them to the Scouts for things like attending Pack meetings, participating in the popcorn sale, working on a service project, visiting a Nature Center/Police Dept/Fire Dept/Library, etc. They put them on the back of their red patch vest, in rings, around a circular council patch. For very active boys, they can have 5, or 6, rings by the times they cross to a Boy Scout Troop.


They look cool! They also make a nice remembrance of things they did in Cubbies. Many of our Eagles put them out as part of their personal Scouting display at their Eagle COH.


Welsh Industries has a very good selection of stock segments. As a matter of fact, I believe that is where our Council orders theirs from -





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