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73 jamboree knot

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I am looking to replace a knot that I lost in a fire on an old uniform. If you know or have a pic of the knot you could earn at the 1973 jamboree by filling in the flag folder with stickers from compleating tasks thru the weeks events I would like to buy one to replace it. I don't have any pic eathier as they were lost also.

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I wouldn't normally be one to recommend making "fake" patches but if you can get a scan of the knot, you can buy cotton printer pages so you can print the photo. If you attach the print to some canvas with fabric glue, you have a reasonably sturdy knot. Granted, it won't look as cool as the original but at least you'll have it on your uniform. Good luck!

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Nope, it was "Growing Together" (at least in Idaho). Here's my card (I was red "O"):




The handshake patch shown above was, indeed, what I got for completing that card. I have seen them on e-Bay. (I was quite disappointed, since they were going for about $5.95, which dashed my hopes of this patch financing my retirement.)


I vaguely recall also filling out the flag with various stripes, although I didn't finish that. I don't remember what the reward was for finishing that. IIRC, I was the one of only a few in my troop to get the handshake patch. Also, we were instructed that it went _below_ the Jamboree patch. I must have had uniform police tendencies, since I asked my mom to move the jamboree patch to install the handshake correctly. Most of the other scouts who got it put it above the Jamboree patch, much to the dismay of this aspiring uniform cop. :)

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