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Patch trading from Maine

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Trevorum wrote in a different thread:

So, um... Moxie ... got any patches you want to trade? (a collector never lets an opportunity like this slip by!) I'm light on Maine ...


I don't know. You tell me. ;)




I'm hoping to have some updated pictures of all FIVE blankets soon. People keep taking pictures and promising to send me copies and I never see them. The committee chair of my brother's troop just took pictures for me a little over a week ago, so maybe I'll get those soon without having to prod her. :)


The blankets have been as far west as Philmont (and I went to grad school in west hell...er Texas in South Plains Council) and as far east as eastern New Brunswick, Canada. There are roughly 2,000 patches on the 5 blankets (and increasing) representing scouting on five continents and at least 12 different nations (USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, China-Hong Kong, UK, Finland, Switzerland, Israel, and South Africa--I might have missed one or two there).



More seriously, I've cut back on the CSP stuff, but I'm still willing to go one-to-one with you even if it's already in my collection. I could just add it to my trade pile.


I prefer "junk" patches as many CSP/OA flap collectors I've met over the years call them--AKA EVENT PATCHES. My top three preferred types of event patches are: squirrels, multi-piece patches (multiple patches that fit together to form a larger patch), and cartoon characters.


Drop me an email at moxieman (at) GEEdouble-UEye (dot) net (pronounce it out loud and convert to those three letters) with what you would like and have to offer in trade.


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Those are some great patch blankets! I can just imagine the wondering gaze of those young scouts as they realize that this Scouting thing is BIG, a lot bigger than their troop or pack, a lot bigger than their own neighborhood!


If I can remember my Morse, I'll send an email. I did semaphore for 1st Class and can still wig-wag, but my Morse is rusty (Remember that scene in Independence Day where the Air Force defeats the Aliens by using Morse Code?!)

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