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event patch trading?

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or CSP or OA flaps...yes, my website needs updating, but maybe you'll find something you're interested in.


Yes, I am willing to trade my CSPs for "junk" event patches, if I like what I'm being offered in trade.


I'm a very big fan of squirrels. If you have a patch with a squirrel on it that you want to trade, let me know.


I also like collecting 'mulit-part' patches (two or more segments that fit together to make a larger patch).


Yes, I know my website needs to be redone/updated, but it's mostly up-to-date, especially the wanted section: http://home.gwi.net/~moxieman/patch.html

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I've got a multi-part patch from a New Jersey council (I'd have to double-check my binder to tell you which one) which covers the winter/spring/fall camporees that year (1976). Comes as three thirds that piece together to form the liberty bell and a tricorn hat in the center. Also have miscellaneous single patches from the same area if you're interested.

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