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Patch blanket, come take a look!

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Decided I'd throw up a list of my patches I have available for trade, anyone who's interested feel free to post offers here or via e-mail at Kaji_sensei@mac.com. This is all I have that I'm willing to offer, so if it's not listed, I don't have it. Unless otherwise noted, all patches are in excellent condition.




-Orange and brown border x5 (one has slight marks from being thrown in a box where the previous owner had a number of patches with spray bond or something like that, though it blends in with the design)


-Rough twill square x2 (one has a minor ink stain on the border)

-Brown and gold border x1

2nd Class

-Rough twill square x1 (stained on one side)

-Fine twill square x7

-Green and gold border x1 (slight staining from being in the same lot as the scout badge mentioned above)

1st Class

-Fine twill square x1


-Orange and red border x1 (appears to have been used, based on slight wear on the border)



Patrol Leader

-Rough twill, cut edge with mint green bars x1 (edges are frayed to the ends of the bars on the sides)

-Rough twill square x6

-Fine twill square x2

Assistant Patrol Leader

-Rough twill square x4

-Fine twill square x1

-Green with gold border x1

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

-Green with gold border x1


-Green with rolled silver border, tenderfoot emblem x1


Patrol Patches

-Frog patrol, current issue x8



-Scoutmaster's Key, old khaki style x3


Honor Unit

-1978 x8


Misc: National

-America's Bicentennial, Heritage '76 x2

-Northeast Roundup, 1975

-Troop Leader Development (ca. late 70s)


Misc: Local (will list districts, specifics upon request)

-Edgecombe District

-Sussex District (NJ)

-Koshare Indian Kiva (CO)

-Zoar Valley Trail (OH)

-Wolf Lake, NJ

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