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2005 National Jamboree Patch List

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This topic is not about trading, but it is about patches, so I thought I'd post I'd it here. I just started an article on wikipedia cataloging all the 2005 National Jamboree patches. (I know, theres alot, but hey, why not) The problem is I need scans of as many patches as possible. The page is found here.




So if you have patches from the Jamboree, I urge you to please contribute and add them to the page. In case you've never used Wikipedia before I'll provide a step by step process of how to do it. It may look like alot but its very easy.


Become a member of Wikipedia (its free and you only need to give your e-mail.)


Scan a patch into some program like Paint. Crop it down and probably shrink it to 50% for best results.


Go here:



Browse for the save file, and put something like "scan of my patch" in the summary box. Click upload file. Notice the name of the file on the page that comes up.


Go to the list of patches page I have above. Click "Edit this page" Scroll down to the letter that corresponds with the council patch. Type in the following under the letter.


*Council Name- Any Information you want to say about the patches.

[[image:File name of image you uploaded.JPG|200px]]


Click Save Page and you're done. If you need further help, post in the talk page of the article.


I want to thank anyone who is willing to do this. I am posting here in hope that you guys will have the patches to scan and further the article. At least check the article out, its short now, but I'm trying to expand it. Thank you.






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