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I got in to patch trading after attending the '81 Jamboree. It was amazing to see literally miles of guys, with blanks spread out trading all kinds of patches (the hot patches that year were the Malibu OA flap and the South Florida CSP).


Scout patch traders each have a unique personality. Some trade just National or World Jamboree patches, some trade just CSPs, some just OA flaps or will even specialize in NOAC patches or their specific lodges patches. Some try to get scouting patches from around the world, or any kind of patch from their district or council. Some specialize in the older rank advancement patches, and then there are guys like me who just love to trade any kind of patch.


Another part of trading is what you do with the patches. People put them on jackets, blankets, neckerchiefs, flags, in shadow boxes, display cases, books or just put them in boxes.


Patch trading is like treasure hunting. There I always a new treasure out there to be found. I was in South Korea in March and brought back some Tiger patches (the Koreans version of Eagle Scout), which I gave to my father, brothers, sons and nephews. They all loved it!


Right now my two youngest sons (twin Tiger Cubs) like any patch that has orange on it, doesnt matter what it is for. The great thing about patch collecting and trading is, YOU develop your own Patch personality (made that up myself, Ha Ha!). And finally, it can be a great family activity (my 33 year old baby brother and I still show like to show each other our new acquisitions) and something that you can pass on to future generations.


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