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I am an active trader/collector, and frequently buy fundraising patches to help various lodge or council contingents attending the NOAC or Jamboree. As a staff member to both events, I have tried different methods of displaying the patches I've collected, especially those associated with the staff I on which I work. This year (NOAC) I plan to place the patches on a blanket.


But the reason for this post is that I plan to create three or four other blankets as a fundraiser for the Madockawanda Lodge (271)2006 NOAC contingent. If this works, I will do the same thing next year for the Pine Tree Council's Jamboree contingent.


Basicly, I'll be putting the blankets together during this NOAC, and selling the blankets on ebay late next year. The winning bidder will send a check made out to the lodge NOAC scholorship fund so I get nothing for this.


The reason I am planning to make three or four blankets is that I am thinking that one will be staff patches, one will be lodge contingent flaps, a third one might be those fundraising patches previously mentioned. I may make a duplicate of the one I am making for myself which

would be for the admin services staff. For this one, I trade my lodge flap for one from my fellow staff members, and have them sign my blanket around their patch. In the center of each blanket would be a NOAC back patch.


Anybody willing to donate a patch for these blankets, or wishing to trade such items with me for my personal collection please send me a personal note. Anyone who does make a contribution will be kept up to date on the progress, as will anybody wishing to bid on the blankets next year.


I hope this works out to be benificial to the contingent, if nothing else, it will be fun. Wish me luck, and thanks in advance for all who help. paul e. conley

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