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I was going through some of my old Scout "stuff" and came across a Neckerchief Slide that was given to me by our "International Scouter" from Japan (When I was on Camp Staff in 1980).

It is a metal "disk" with enameled colors on the front. The story behind it says that it was for the Japanese Contingent to the 1979 World Jamboree that was supposed to have been held in Iran. The "Sha" was overthrown and it was moved to Sweeden.

The writing is "arabic" or "persian" I think.

Is there anyone who knows about this or can someone point me in the right direction.

Also, is the Jamboree story true?

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The 15th World Jamboree was scheduled for summer 1979 in Iran. However, political unrest caused the Jamboree to be cancelled (the Shah was overthrown in January 1979). In its place, 27 encampments were scheduled throughout Europe for those Scouts who had planned on attending the World Jamboree. One of these was Dalajamb held in Kopparbo, Sweden.

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