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I don't think of myself as a avid collector. I do however have a large collection of books on pioneering. Just about everything that John Sweet and Rex Hazelwood have ever wrote. Most of the stuff that Gilwell Park used to put out many years ago. Every now and then I will visit ebay and see what is for sale.

Not to hijack the thread. But...

I bought my subscription to the English Scouting Magazine when I was 13. There is only one magazine for everyone adults and youth. While I never collected them I never threw them out. Every month I would look forward to the magazine and read it on the way to school and then later on the tube to work. It was in this magazine that I first seen the ad for the International Camp Counselor program. Which led me to Camp Conestoga, where I met my wife. Talk about the power of advertising!!

I was 27 when I got married and there on top of a dresser was my beloved pile of Scouting Mags. All 168 copies. My room was on the 3rd floor. We were moving to a small one bedroom flat (Apartment) My mother had made it clear that when I went my "Junk" was going with me and my wife had made it clear that 168 copies of Scouting Magazine would not be welcome. We were emptying my room. The idea of lugging all these down stairs was too much for her, so she opened the window and threw them out into the back yard. Last year I got my own back I bought a new subscription and have started a new pile. But we are moving so I feel sure that these will not make the move.


Welcome to the forums. I know there are a few Scout Handbook collectors out there.

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