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I am looking for a flap from a lodge in the OA section SR6S, it is called Talidandnuga?, or Talidandaganu? I was at Conclave 2003 trying to getcurrent flaps from every lodge, it is the only one I didn't get. Please tell me where I can get one. Will trade one Ini-to 324 flap or one Sakima 573 flap. Thanks for any help.


p.s. please help me with spelling

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You spelled it correctly the second time and it is lodge #293. Sorry, I do not have a dupe to trade. I am from lodge 271 in Maine and if you are interested in one of our lodge flaps, send me a private message with your dupes list and I would be glad to trade with you.


I checked John Conley Williams most recent catalogue and he did not have one listed either. That does not mean that he doesn't have it or couldn't find it for you: Trader@hottrader.com


Also looked in the most recent issue of the International Scouting Collectors Association (ISCA) Journal and found two Trade - O - Rees (TOR's) coming up in your general area. In Virginia there is the 13th Annual Star City Scout Trade-O-Ree and Patch Show, Dec. 5 In Roanoke Va. Contact John Hannabass, 2915 Mt. Pleasant Blvd. Roanoke, Va. 24014. And the South Carolina TOR Jan 9-10 in Greenville, Sc. Contact Chris Jensen, cjensen@streamwood.net Chris is also an avid collector, seller, trader.


Most important of all, contact the ISCA at their web site: http://www.ScoutTrader.org and become a member. It is well worth the price of admission for their quarterly journal alone.


YIS, paul e. conley

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