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Can you help this Scouter replace items lost in fire?

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Scouting Community - can anyone help with this or offer suggestions?


Subject: Eagle Scout 1963


My husband received his Eagle Scout award in 1963 here in Columbia, MO. We suffered a total house fire in October 1999 and we lost everything, including my husband's Boy Scout and Eagle Scout memorabilia. It is my desire to be able to replace this for him (his Eagle Scout). Our council said they had nothing from 1963 and that we might possibly be able to locate something via the internet. Can you possibly help me?? I would love to be able to replace this for him, especially since our son is now an Eagle Scout as well.


I can be reached at


Thank you for your assistance!!!

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Please contact a friend of mine:


Jerry Nickols - volscout@aol.com


He has a collection of old uniforms, patches, scarves and other Scouting items that he has donated to needy Scouts, sold to Scouts and Scouters, and traded, even on the internet.


He is expecting your e-mail.

Good Luck.



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