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recreating an old MB sash

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I have an 84 year old man who is about to recieve his

eagle rank after waiting almost 60 years. He met the requirements back in 1933 but was asked to wait for his rank by the troop committee. Then there was a tragic accident when a scout lost his life while on a hike.

again he was asked to wait. Before he could recieve his rank he joined the crew of a ship that went to Norway and life went on. If National OK's his application (which they have indicated they will) I would like to present him with a merit badge sash from that era. If you have any patches you would be willing to donate I would be greatfull and you would make an old scout very happy.

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If you need any old badges that you can't get donated, and have a photo, digital or scanned, or graphic representation (even as a powerpoint slide), I can get them made as one-offs over here. They don't work for free, but I will be your "quartermaster" and handle the mail...


Private message me if you need my help. I'd be honored to be part of this...



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I have the following Merit Badges from that era:


Atomic Energy, Cinematography, Computers, Electronics, Environmental Science, and Space Exploration


Sorry, couldn't resist.


Congratulations to the the "young" man on his accomplishments. I wish I could help. Earning his Eagle at 14 years of age was quite an accomplishment in those days (still is if you ask me).

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