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And I will tell you why. For the boys, the CSPs that are currently available if each council has only one. Makes it a worth while endeavor as is. I understand and even support the need for special event patches as well. National & World Jamborees, etc. But to have several patches from one area just because that area has numerous things to show some how defeats the purpose of the Uniform. In fact, I would rather see District Patches than several different CSPs for the same caouncil. The only people who benefit from this are the Collectors and Patchmakers.


I support the councils that may change their CSPs every few years to encourage the boys to design the patch. There is a definate benefit for the boys. But I also know of coucils that keep the same CSP for decades.


Bottom line, what's the purpose? Does it improve the program,

boy(s) or future. If not, why do it?


Of course these are just my own person opinions and I'm sure I may seem conservative to most. So, if you agree or disagree feel free to say why.



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