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You may have noticed there are several new forums which have been added over the past few days. These are in response to your requests. At SCOUTER we do listen to what you have to say.


The new forums operate with the same rules as the previous forums. Hate messages, or those that contain inappropriate language, or verbal attacks on other participants will not be tolerated and will be removed. SCOUTER will determine whether or not a message is appropriate for the standards of SCOUTER.com.


I commend the SCOUTER Community on your conduct on these forums. Every group has an occasional person who abuses the situation, but thankfully such types are rare here. As has been my experience throughout my Scouting years, I find the large majority of Scouters are good, caring people who are in this for the Scouts.


Thank you for the job you do.


As always, if you see something you believe is inappropriate, email admin@scouter.com or myself at maryann@scouter.com.




Online Editor, SCOUTER.com




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