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Ancient Egypt theme camp

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I am a GS daycamp unit leader who loves to do camp cooking according to the theme. This year will be Ancient Egypt. Any ideas for foods, crafts, games, skits... Anything would help and be greatly appreciated!

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That sounds like fun!


Cooking, huh? For some genuine (simulated) ancient Egyptian breadstuffs, try hot rock cooking. Find a nice slab of hard rock (but not limestone or other porous kind) to use as a griddle. You might be able to find something at a landscaping supply yard. Balance this on three other rocks (or bricks work well) and build a campfire underneath. Make sure there is enough good air flow underneath and enough room for you to feed the fire without removing the rock-griddle. While the rock is hearing up, prepare some bisquit dough (not pancake batter!) - prepackaged dough tubes work great. Work the bisquit dough into large, thin, flat breads (just like tortillas or pizza crusts). They'll cook fast so be ready to flip them. Slice the hot bread into strips or like a pizza and serve to hungy scouts! (This fare is what the common Eqyptian would have eaten, not royalty!)

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"Walk like an Egyptian" on the PA periodically.

Pile up straw bales for pyramids and climbing. (straw is cheaper than hay).


"How'd the GS get down the Nile? She Pharoahed, Pharoahed, Pharoahed her boat..."


Check out the hyroglyfics (sp) web sites for ancient Egyptian writing projects.


Metropolitan Museum had/has kid Egyptian craft ideas (did 3 years ago when we had this theme).


Wrap someone up in mucho TP for mummification.


Have fun...

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