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How many to start a troop?

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The troops in the area aren't delivering the promise of scouting, nor are they recruiting the Webelos properly.


These answers are both for other threads, but troops are like ice cream, and there isn't a flavor that some of the boys like. So the pack that will support it, asked to have a troop started.


Thanks for all of the responses. I got word from the council that they want 5 scouts and 5 adults for each new unit, per the New Unit Application, and really aren't into making exceptions for that, especially in the area that we are in, meaning that there really shouldn't be an issue with recruiting boys.


My work is done here...movin' on...

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I think you missed the part about the hostility. We have had merit badge counselors refuse to work with homeschooled boys on certain merit badges, require additional work on others.

Venturing is different because the kids are older. It can be just nasty for younger scouts.


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ASM 411

Did you get a chance to do a round up at an association's meeting/open house. The homeschool association wife and I belong to has an open house every year and some of the different actities, groups, classes, etc do have displays to get people involved.



While a MBC can refuse to work with a youth. Also they are not allowed to modify the requirements, except when modifications are approved via the official process, for any reason. If that does happen, contact the DAC and notify them.

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Home school kids were mede to feel unwelcome???


What is wrong with this picture?


Lord Robert Baden-Powell took youngsters from all walks of life to Brownsea Island to see if his concept would work.


NEWS FLASH! It worked.

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