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How many to start a troop?

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How many people are needed to start a troop? Adults and Scouts...


I am having a discussion with my DE...I say 5 adults and 3 scouts...


1 SM, 1 COR/EO, 1 CC, and 2 MC


3 scouts, doesn't matter what age or rank, as long as they are Boy Scout eligible...


DE says 5 adults and 5 scouts...


Not that I want to doubt the DE, but there is a new unit that wants to start, they have 2 scouts and 5 leaders...they can get one more scout, but not 3 for another 10 months...

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Four adults, five scouts.


COR can dual as either MC or CC. So three there, plus a SM.


Five scouts has been the national requirement for charterin' a new unit as far back as I can remember.




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From New Unit Application:


The Chartered Organization selects one of its members

to register as chartered organization representative

who may also serve as chair or as unit committee

member if needed. All units must have a unit leader

and a minimum of five paid youth. There must be at

least three committee members, with one named chair.

Packs must have a den leader/Webelos den leader/Tiger

Cub leader who should be registered as an adult in the

pack. The chartered organization also provides meeting

facilities for the unit. No one may register in more than

one position in the same unit, except the chartered

organization representative.


That is National's Req.'s

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An SE can wave the 5 Scout requirement and charter a unit with only 3 Scouts.


As far as adult postions that need to be on the charter:


1 - IH (who also can also be any register leader)

1 - COR (who can also be dual registered as the CC or committee member)

1 - Scoutmaster

1 - Committe Chair

2 - Committee Members


With the COR/CC or CM dual registration and that the IH is not a registered position and can be a registered leader the minimum number of adults is 4.







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I would think 5 Scouts simple because "by the book" a patrol is 5 to 8 Scouts. A troop is made up of patrols.


I would also say it is better to start with 3 than not start at all. Either way a plan for recruiting should be pretty high on the list.

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That is really just their guideline...I am sure that if you approached the powers that be, they would be a bit more lax on that. Otherwise, ask them to open the inside cover of the New Unit Application and they will see what the requirements are...and I only know thanks to ghermanno...thanks

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"they have 2 scouts and 5 leaders...they can get one more scout, but not 3 for another 10 months..."


How do they know they can't get 3 more Scouts? And why 10 months?


If you can find access to a local school during school hours and if you offer old school, down and dirty Scouting (rather than "ethical choices" and business management hyped as "leadership"), 2/3 of sixth-graders will sign up. In turn, 1/3 of them will register as Scouts.






The last month of sixth grade is a good time to offer summer camping to boys because most of them are now 12 years old and noticeably more adaptable to the Patrol Method than they were in September.




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Can I ask a question?

Why start a new troop is there no existing troop in the area?

Are the existing troops to big?

The reason I ask is in my town we have 5 troops and 3 cubpacks. the cub numbers are low per what national says it should be based on our population. the troop numbers are about right. two of the troops in town were started by well meaning people who wanted to be scoutmaster to their kids, then they left The other 3 troops have long history's in town. The troops spend a lot of effort competing for w2's (energy that should be spent on the boys)so I hope you have two many cubs for the troops in your community.


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We are starting a new troop here for the homeschool community. The reasoning behind it? It can be a totally different culture. When a troop has boys that all attend one school, it is very hard for an "outsider" to mesh. We have also encountered hostility from some scouters about home schooling.

We are also trying to start a deaf unit. We have a large state school for the deaf here and they are large enough to fill at least one troop, maybe two.

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My crew is about half/half public/home schooled and we haven't had any problems. How about a home school patrol within the troop? At least they would be with their friends.


Like Venturing, specialty troops have difficulty surviving.



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A home schooled patrol within a troop that is great idea!


As one of my Wood Badge tickets I contacted all the Home School networks in my area and offered to present Scouting to them. I mailed, emailed and called. Not one took me up on the offer. I found that surprising because at the time I had a Scout in my Webelos Den that was home schooled and his mom thought Scouting was a way for home schoolers to get some good social interactions they were missing by not going to public schools.

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